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Five Ways to Add a Sense of Summer Luxury to your Home

Whether it is a refresh of your interiors to embrace the latest colour palettes or adding some high-end mod cons to make a stylish and functional difference to your home, the team at Lifton Home Lifts share with you some original ways to embrace the season. This...

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Everything you Need to Know About a Lifton Home Lift

Most Lifton customers have never had the experience of choosing a home lift before, it’s not like just switching up your interior décor theme, we understand that completely. It is usually a necessity for the here and now or for some of our customers, a savvy...

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Why Lifton Lifts are a Masterclass in Design Experience

Lifton is a luxury home lift brand which prioritises state of the art technology with thoughtful home product design all the way from its usability and aesthetic up to leaving behind a light, environmental footprint. Customers tell us their Lifton lifts take pride of...

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How to Plan Your One-Room Renovation

If you do not have time for a whole home renovation, why not start with one room? A small scale one room renovation takes less time, requires less investment and gives your home an instant upgrade. Whether you choose the room you like to spend the most time in or you...

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Home Improvements To Make in 2023

Having all spent an increasing amount of time in our homes over recent years, with many more people home-based even during their working hours, many of us seek the ideal in-home upgrades, to ensure our home provides the relaxing, high comfort sanctuary we aim for. The...

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Top Ten Tips for Making Your Home Stylish AND Functional

Intro: As you place your keys into the lock and throw open the doors of your home, you should be met with feelings of warmth, comfort and belonging. And with modern technology pressing forwards, now everyone can enjoy a home that is stylish and functional in equal...

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Five Ways to Keep Well this Winter

When the first winter breeze blows through the trees, you can almost feel the magic in the air. Winter can be a wonderful time of year, with crisp, sunny mornings and picturesque, frosty rooftops, not to mention the excitement of Christmas approaching. But Winter, is...

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How to Make the Most of the Autumn Clock Change

British Summer Time (BST) comes to an end every year when the clocks go back in Autumn. At 2.00 am on the last Sunday in October, the clocks ‘fall back’ by an hour. So, while the nation enjoys its welcome lie in at this time of year, it is also when we brace ourselves...

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Five Benefits of Installing a Home Lift with Lifton

As we live longer, healthier lives, many of us are preferring to stay in our own homes rather than downsize or explore residential care options and as such, domestic lifts are becoming a natural next step for the ‘multi-generational’ forever home. In fact, UK luxury...

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Why September Is The Best Month For Making Decisions

Traditionally, people save their fresh starts for the first of January – new resolutions, diets, starting home projects – but it has been shown that a dark, cold month in the middle of the winter stretch is not conducive to successful life changes. For those big...

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What to do Five Years Before Retirement

Retirement refers to the time of life when one chooses to permanently leave the workforce behind. While your state pension may become available, a forced retirement age no longer exists and as such you could choose to retire at a time in your life that suits you. You...

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How to Embrace Summer Inside and Outside Your Home

Summer is well and truly here, and whether it brings hot and sunny days, or the more British showery weather, longer days and relaxed living are guaranteed. Lifton Home Lifts have lots of ideas to make your home ready for a stress-free and laid-back summer season and...

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