Home Lift Prices 2023: How Much Do Home Lifts Cost in UK?

The cost of a home lift in the UK can vary depending on the type of domestic lift but home lift prices start from about £17,000 up to around £33,000.

Home lifts can be life-changing. And times have changed too. A domestic lift in the UK is no longer just for the super-rich. With the introduction of more and more products on the market, home lift prices have become much more affordable.
Installing a lift provides homeowners with an easy and stylish way of transferring between the floors of their house. It also enables them to ‘future-proof’ their properties with a product that might be useful in later life.

So, how much do home lifts cost?

Domestic lift prices can vary depending on the lift company and how they present their quotation. For example, you might receive a through floor lift cost showing the price of the standalone lift unit, but this could exclude the cost of site preparation or installation work. You should always expect to receive a fully itemized quotation for your home lift cost including building work, based on any site survey undertaken.

Does the domestic lift cost include delivery?

Delivery can work out extremely expensive so if there are any shipping costs involved, look for a company that always includes this as part of the overall price.

There are several different types of home lift available on the market and each require different levels of groundwork. This can be reflected in the domestic lifts cost.

The four main types of home lift available are hydraulic, traction, vacuum and non-hydraulic.

Hydraulic Home Lift Cost – The typical through floor lift price for a basic hydraulic home lift, based on a standard installation, is between £23,000 and £28,000. A hydraulic lift works using a pump which sends hydraulic fluid through to a jack and the lift is pushed up and down by a piston at its base. This type of lift needs a lot of space, plus a separate machine room. Hydraulic lifts have more consumable elements, and require more maintenance, than any other home lift variants, resulting in a further increase in the long-term price of this type of domestic lift.

Traction Home Lift Cost – This is typically more expensive than a hydraulic lift and based on a standard installation could cost between £28,000 and £33,000. A traction domestic lift moves up and down a lift shaft using cables and a counterweight. This lift has quite high costs associated with maintenance (cables need to be replaced every five years) and it tends not to be such a smooth ride as other lifts.

Vacuum Home Lift Cost – This style of lift is self-supporting with the difference in air pressure above and beneath the cab transporting the passenger by air. Using pumps and turbines, the user is pulled up to the next floor, while the slow release air pressure floats the lift back down with no pit or hoist required. Vacuum home lift costs start from £28,000.

Non-Hydraulic Home Lift Cost – At Lifton, we have spearheaded a range of innovative non-hydraulic home lifts which is as functional as it is stylish. Our capsule-shaped LiftonDUO home lift is compact, sleek and a fine example of engineering excellence. Powered by a self-contained motor drive system, the Lifton lift plugs straight into a standard domestic 17amp power socket. We also a offer a larger lift, called the LiftonTRIO home lift, which can accommodate a wheelchair.

The Lifton Home Lift requires no lift shaft, pit or separate machine room as it travels on self-supporting rails with no load bearing walls required. The Lifton Home Lift has one of the smallest footprints available and can be installed almost anywhere in the home. The only work required to be undertaken by a professional builder is a small opening in the ceiling for the lift to pass through.

Unlike a hydraulic, traction or vacuum lift, the non-hydraulic Lifton Home Lift is much more affordable, with costs starting as low as £15,000, based on a standard installation, including all site preparation work and delivery.

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