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Top 20 Questions About Home Lifts on Google Answered

When searching for 'home lifts' on Google, there are multiple sites to choose from to click on and several questions so at Lifton, we have answered the Top 20 searches for users in one easy-to-read, easy-to-skim through, easy-to-understand post. What is the average...

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Stairlift vs Home Lift – The BIG Comparison

What is a Stairlift? A stairlift is a mechanical device designed to help individuals with mobility issues navigate stairs. It consists of a chair which moves along a rail, allowing the user to sit whilst being carried up and down the staircase. Stairlifts are a...

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Design for Good from Lifton Home Lifts

Yes, good design can change the world for better. Design with passion, purpose, and values is a profoundly human activity and at Lifton our home lift blueprint is carefully curated at home in the UK with our customers at its core. We imagine a better future before it...

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Your Top Lifton Home Lift Questions Answered

How does a Lifton Home Lift work? At Lifton, we design, manufacture, and install lifestyle domestic lifts that enhance a home by making travel between floors comfortable and stylish, allowing homeowners to access all areas of their property at the push of a button....

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10 Things You Never Knew About Home Lifts

1. You could be entitled to a funded home lift If you live in England or Wales and have certain progressive conditions, or a recognised disability, then to ensure you continue to have safe and complete access to your home you could be entitled to financial assistance...

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30 Reasons To Choose A Home Lift

At Lifton, we know more than a thing or two about home lifts, and we have supported thousands of customers who have selected one of our domestic lifts to suit their particular needs. We know the things that have pleasantly surprised our customers, delighted them, and...

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Minimaluxe – How to Achieve the Look in 2024

2023 was all about quiet luxury as a trend, stemming from the fashion brands but slowly working its way into homes, but this year, ‘minimaluxe’ for home interiors is everything. Here at Lifton Home Lifts, we tell you all you need to know about what it is and how to...

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Why a Home Lift is the Ideal Design Choice for Stylish Living

Customers often tell us that once they experience a Lifton Home Lift they are immediately impressed at how stylish their new lift is and how often their guests remark about how elegant it looks. Often, they wonder why they waited so long! If you are new to Lifton,...

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Top Installation Locations for a Lifton Home Lift

If this is the year you have resolved to upgrade your property with a luxury home lift, then your primary question might be where is exactly the right place to locate one in it, without disrupting the aesthetic. While for some, a domestic lift may be introduced during...

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How a Luxury Home Lift Can Transform Any Space

As December rolls around once more, thoughts turn to entertaining, enjoyment, fabulous feasting and inviting guests to share our homes, making sure their stay is as comfortable and luxurious as possible. Even beyond the holiday season, if your home accommodates a...

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Five Ways a Home Lift Can Improve Your Life

Five Ways a Home Lift Can Improve Your Life November is a time to hunker down and embrace the ‘Hygge’ of the season. We spend far more time at home throughout Autumn and Winter than at other points of the year and often use our homes to entertain friends and family...

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Living Sustainably at Home: The Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

In a world facing increasing environmental challenges, adopting sustainable practices in our daily lives has become a necessity. One of the most impactful arenas where we can make a difference is in the very place, we call home. Living sustainably at home not only...

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