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Home Lifts Designed to Simplify Life’s Complexities

It is now possible to continue to enjoy the home you love without compromising on its style and décor with a range of home lifts by Lifton. The unobtrusive and elegant Lifton Home Lift will run smoothly and quietly between the floors of your property on slim rails allowing you to retain maximum living space. Installing a high-quality Lifton domestic lift is an ideal alternative to a stairlift or wheelchair lift and make it so much easier to get around your home again, easily and safely. To learn more about how to improve your quality of life, get in touch with us today to receive your free domestic lifts brochure, or request a call back at a time that works for you.

Easy Living with the LiftonDUO Home Lift

A LiftonDUO through floor lift makes moving around your home delightfully effortless and are popular with homeowners looking to future-proof their property. The new home lift is designed to carry one or two persons, and its small footprint and flexible placement options means this residential elevator looks great in your home.

LiftonTRIO Home Lift, Blending Functionality with Stunning Design

The new LiftonTRIO Home Lift are the first wheelchair lifts of their kind which can accommodate a full-sized wheelchair. This bespoke domestic lift can also carry up to three people in its spacious interior. Our passenger lifts are ideal for wheelchair users but also those that need a walking frame, use stairlifts, or others who find the stairs challenging making the TRIO the perfect solution.

Supporting You Every Step of the Way

At Lifton, we understand installing a lift in the home is a big decision. That is why we have packed our through floor lifts full of features designed to make your life easier. Our range of domestic lifts are guaranteed to help you forget all about the stairs and include all the safety standards expected of such a product.

Don’t compromise on floor space

When you are not on the same floor as your lift, our clever design means that you can use the floor space where the home elevator would usually be. There is no dead space with our lifts.

Obstruction detection

All Lifton residential lifts have built-in sensors. These sensors automatically detect obstructions above or below the lift when it is moving. Your home lift will immediately but smoothly stop until the obstruction is removed.

Simple control panel

The operation of your lift is simple and intuitive. Everything is in just the right place. For additional safety and security, the control panel can be secured with a key for every practicality.

Small footprint

With a compact footprint of less than a square metre, Lifton domestic lifts give you greater placement options leaving more space for your home furnishings.

Self-supporting structure

Unlike many other domestic home lift solutions you will not need to fix your Lifton Home Lift to a load-bearing wall. Our home lifts run on their own rails which are fixed to ceiling and floor which means home lift prices are considerably less because the lifts take less time than a conventional residential elevator to install.

Plug and play

Well, almost. All you need to power your Lifton Home Lift is a standard 13amp power socket as the domestic lift will plug directly into it without any other adapters needed.

Integrated drive system

Lifton’s advanced wire rope hoist system is safe, durable and quiet. It is concealed inside the top of the lift car so there is no need for external machinery.

Ergonomic and stylish design

Minimalist, contemporary and with the highest specification, the design of our bespoke domestic lifts subtly catches the eye and fit seamlessly into any style of home décor.

Remote control

All home lifts by Lifton include two remote controls as standard. There is an option to purchase additional units if desired.

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I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to be able to move around the house freely again

Stylish Flexibility. You are in Control

The beauty of a Lifton Home Lift is that you can install it virtually anywhere in your home. In a corner, in a cupboard, in a stairwell or through a galleried landing. You can even put it in pride of place in the centre of the room with minimal building work required. Click on the link for more information about home lift costs and warranty for complete peace of mind.

Living room

You decide where to place your lift within your living room; in a corner, or space permitting, centre stage.

Upstairs bedroom

Tuck your lift into the corner of your bedroom for an easy and quick way to access the floor below.


Stairwell void/landing

A stairwell void is a good place for lift installation taking you from ground floor directly to first floor landing.


Move directly into your home safely in a Lifton lift with the additional construction of a simple shaft in your garage.

Cupboard installation

The spacious two-person Lifton Home Lift is still small enough to fit into a domestic cupboard or wardrobe.

Sloping or vaulted ceilings

A few simple adjustments will make sure our home lifts work with sloping or vaulted bedroom ceilings.

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