Five Ways a Home Lift Can Improve Your Life

November is a time to hunker down and embrace the ‘Hygge’ of the season. We spend far more time at home throughout Autumn and Winter than at other points of the year and often use our homes to entertain friends and family too.

At Lifton, we share with you five ways in which choosing to have a home lift installed in your home could improve your life. Better still, it will continue to do so long after Winter is over!


It is impossible to enjoy the season if you are struggling with aspects of your home that make it either difficult to move around, or freely access. If you have found yourself limiting your use of upstairs spaces during the day, once you are downstairs, or if you are alone at home, then how wonderful to be confident enough to use the home and all its rooms just as much as you wish to.

Perhaps you could use the spare bedroom as a dedicated hobby space if you knew you could get easily down to the kitchen whenever needed too? A home lift can bring you so much in the way of reassurance and independence that it is one home improvement that will make life at home far more stress-free.

If you have any difficulties with mobility then a domestic lift can be very helpful, as not struggling with going up and down stairs will certainly remove some of the stress of a busy season. With just a couple of days taken to install the lift you could then enjoy independent living far into the future.

Task efficiency

Not only will you benefit from a newfound level of independence, but so many of your usual day-to-day tasks will be made far simpler and more efficient. You can travel between the floors of your home in just a few seconds, whether you are carrying shopping or trying to get little ones up to bed of an evening!

Little things like this mean you are less easily to get distracted en route from one room to another too, so it is a bit easier to stay on track and get on with whatever household tasks you need to and enjoy more leisure time.

Ageing in place

Given ageing populations, there tends to be a real lack of affordable and accessible housing for the older generation on an almost global basis. No one really wants to be forced out of a much-loved home before they choose, due to decreased mobility or illness.

However, for many people, once past retirement, the worry about this can be a niggling concern. The peace of mind afforded by installing a home lift and ensuring that you can continue to move freely around the home is priceless. You know that you will not be forced into finding a different property and experiencing the high costs of moving.

A helping hand

As well as making the tasks we need to do a little faster, there are plenty more ways besides in which Lifton customers use their domestic lifts to make jobs easier. Your lift can be used as a ‘dumb waiter’, delivering a load of laundry down to the ground floor, or the Christmas tree and decorations back upstairs for storage.

It is easy to underestimate how much smoother things like this can make day to day life go, but a great many of our customers tell us that it is the ‘little things’ like this that have made them wish they had taken the plunge and installed a home lift years ago.

Adding a touch of luxury

Many of us find that this is a time of year when we seek to make improvements to our home to feel like we have undertaken some positive changes in the past year and as we spend more time in our home, mindful of the Christmas season approaching, we look for more aspects of our homes to be proud of.

There is no doubt that a compact and discreet domestic lift manages to bring an effortlessly stylish and functional talking point to your home; perhaps just the touch of luxury your home currently lacks. Better still, it is a little luxurious change that brings you year-round peace of mind.