Yes, good design can change the world for better. Design with passion, purpose, and values is a profoundly human activity and at Lifton our home lift blueprint is carefully curated at home in the UK with our customers at its core.

We imagine a better future before it happens, and then take the necessary steps to make that vision a reality. A Lifton domestic lift offers every home a design that does its job whilst making a commitment to your future self, that it will be there for you, as the way you interact with your home evolves over time.

Statement Design & Shape

At Lifton Home Lifts, we have reimagined a system from the ground up. Our design team mapped out a solution to create a modern, chic and elegant domestic lift accessible to all homeowners.

Smooth curves and soft edges create a more organic and flowing aesthetic, perfectly suited to a space where you live and where you want to relax and unwind.

Minimalist and contemporary, each domestic lift is fitted with a clear body which floods a room with natural light from nearby windows. Powered by an intelligent electric motor drive system which is whisper-quiet and housed, out of sight, at the top of the lift, a Lifton home lift is the ultimate travel solution.

“What won us over was its beautiful, compact design – light years away from both those unsightly stairlifts and the bulky, square and claustrophobic lifts you sometimes find in shopping centres or offices.”

Dusk till Dawn LED Lighting

This is your story. It is about your home and that is important. With customers at the heart of all our design decisions, Lifton Home Lifts listen carefully to how you like to live and how you need to use your homes.

We have developed a home lift that can be used day and night, an ‘always on’ solution, to make your life easier and more convenient. Soft long lasting LED lighting is used to gently illuminate your lift 24 hours a day providing dawn to dusk visibility for your travels.

We recognise that lighting is a key feature and our engineers have created a domestic lift which is energy efficient too, requiring no more than the power from a standard domestic socket.

Design Innovation

Design is not what we make. Design is what we make possible. Long gone are the days of a domestic home lift being a large, noisy installation into your home. At Lifton Home Lifts, we see the possibilities of what we can achieve in the home lift industry and pride ourselves in constantly innovating.

Our partners, suppliers and customers tell us that they are amazed by our modular designs and how a standard retrofit can be installed in as little as one day.

With a footprint of just under seven square feet, a small space is required for your home lift installation, opening up a vast array of opportunities, for where you can locate your lift to suit your precise layout and how you want to use your UK home lift.

“Our architects and builders were astonished at the engineering absence of hydraulics and the relatively simple installation process with a small ceiling aperture.”

The Gold Standard

At Lifton we believe we can always do more with great design and we strive for it to be ambitious and impactful.

We love seeing our Lifton home lift designs in action and we especially enjoy seeing the immediate difference that our lifts make for our customers and how they get to enjoy the house they love for longer.

Our team had the great privilege of installing a home lift at Balmoral Castle and we are told daily how our home lifts are transforming customers’ lives and improving their quality of life.

We want to make the world a better place and in our daily work we solve complex problems with simple solutions that allow people to regain their independence and self-confidence. Our domestic lifts also create inter-generational spaces, where everyone is welcome and comfortable.

“The stairs were becoming more difficult because of my arthritis, and I certainly had no intention of moving house or downsizing to a bungalow, so I thought it would be a good idea to get something in place which would make life easier. There is a lifetime of fond memories here for me, which is why I never want to leave.”

Outstanding Customer Experience

A great product needs excellent customer service.

We want everyone to feel comfortable asking for help. We are here to give our customers what they need and support them every step of the way.

Lifton Home Lifts customer care team will be with you from initial discovery conversation, to helping plan your survey and choosing the best location for your lift all the way to exploring funding if required, installation day, warranties, maintenance and after care.

Our comprehensive service is designed to take care of everything for you.

Highest Quality

All Lifton Home Lifts fully comply with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. This compliance allows all home lifts to have a CE mark, allowing the products to be legally sold throughout Europe.

Every Lifton home lift includes a comprehensive 12-month parts and labour warranty. An additional warranty can be purchased at any time during or after the initial 12-month period has passed.