Whether it is a refresh of your interiors to embrace the latest colour palettes or adding some high-end mod cons to make a stylish and functional difference to your home, the team at Lifton Home Lifts share with you some original ways to embrace the season. This includes improving both your lifestyle and your surroundings now that summer is finally upon us.

Invest in air conditioning.

The Great British Summer for 2023 could be upon us but short bursts of very hot weather are now a regular occurrence anytime between April and September in the UK. When the weather warms up, we often find ourselves seeking refuge in climate-controlled shops and offices to cool down. Imagine having the same gloriously cool temperatures to return home to, particularly to help avoid uncomfortably  sticky nights which make it hard to sleep.

Investing in an air conditioner could dispense with needing unsightly fans in every room and ensure your home is kept at the optimal temperature both day and night. From smaller, one room portable units found available in department stores, to multi room models which require professional installations, there is sure to be an option best suited to your space. Many can be controlled by app or even voice, to enable ease of adjustment and remote access; meaning you can quickly cool the room of your choice remotely as needed.

Go Green

For summer 2023, green is everywhere, the colours from New York Fashion week have, as always, filtered down to the retail environment too. As with many trends some are easier to embrace and more welcome in the context of home interiors than others. Green is proving popular thanks to the willingness to ‘bring the outside in’ for the summer.

You will find it injected into many a beautiful bathroom feature, whether by adding splashes of sage to ceilings or a zingier tone of fern or even emerald to tiling. In kitchens too, earthy tones of willow add serenity to splashbacks and calming nature tones are all around when it comes to soft furnishings and bedrooms too.

Then there is bringing in the outdoors to your home; adding foliage or greenery to your living space instantly helps to inject a luxurious feel and interesting texture. Be sure to seek plants that will thrive indoors at this time of year, choosing some stylish pots to display them as accents in your chosen rooms.

Elevate your lifestyle

Just like keeping the climate more comfortable, summer is also the time to make home living as physically easy as possible. It is impossible to enjoy the season if you are struggling with aspects of your home that make it either difficult to move around, or access so set out to address things which will make life at home more stress-free. If you have any difficulties with mobility then seriously consider installing a high-end compact home lift from Lifton, as not struggling with going up and down stairs will keep you much more cool, calm, and collected. In just a matter of a couple of days for installation you could bring an effortlessly stylish and functional talking point to your home that brings you year-round peace of mind.

Open Up

Another way to give you home more of a luxury ‘beachfront’ feel, if you are open to making more significant alterations, is to open up your space. Bringing in the maximum amount of natural light is a great starting point, whether you do so by large full height windows to your outdoor space or removing an internal wall for a more modern interior feel. Outdoors too, you may have noticed the theme of making patio and deck areas look more like garden ‘room’ with soft furnishings, patio heaters.

Garden room

Maybe you need the extra space for an office or a hobby space, or perhaps you could just benefit from taking up a little of your garden for a functional purpose that would add something extra special to your outdoor gatherings. From quirky rotating ‘pods’ that can be turned to catch the sun at any time of day to larger, summerhouse or cabin style buildings perfect for using to indulge in a hobby such as art, music or yoga, there are a plethora of styles available. Since you are likely to get the best use out of this in the summer months, you could give it the feel of a beach home, what a wonderful place for relatives to sleep over when they visit during the holidays too!