If this is the year you have resolved to upgrade your property with a luxury home lift, then your primary question might be where is exactly the right place to locate one in it, without disrupting the aesthetic.

While for some, a domestic lift may be introduced during a time of renovation or home improvement, which may make things easier to work out, for others it is an added feature introduced to an already beautifully thought-out home.

Here at Lifton, we take a look at the main things to consider when installing a home lift in your property.

The location you choose will depend primarily on two things, your specific need for the home lift and the layout of your house. In regard, to the lift itself you will need to ensure that you have sufficient access to it on each floor and of course that your chosen position offers enough space for the lift, for which the requirements are minimal.

The good news is that a modern, design led, luxury home lift such as those supplied by Lifton Home Lifts need a lot less space than you may have imagined. Given their intelligent design and engineering one of these domestic lifts has a surprisingly small footprint.

Plus, with its self-supporting structure it can be installed in an equally surprising range of places. There will certainly be one that is ideal for the layout of your home. Equally, a Lifton home lift can serve as a beautiful contribution to high end craftsmanship and design, which can also blend into virtually any type of décor.


A very frequently selected location for a home lift is adjacent to the stairwell. This is particularly suitable if your hall and landing areas are quite spacious and means the lift is right where you, and your guests if appropriate, would expect to find it.

Your domestic lift will then be equally accessible with ease from each floor of the home. The hallway itself remains the heart of the home from which you can transition between floors. Indeed, if your stairwell has a turn in the stairs, your new lift can be placed within the void created by the stairs, which turns this unused space into an elegant talking point.

Garage or Basement

If you have a home with a garage (or quite often a garage conversion) attached, this again can be a location you may choose for your lift. Often this can take you from an additional family room to a bedroom location located above the garage and this selection enables you to site your home lift a little away from the main traffic areas of the house, or is perfect if you like to use these spaces as a guest annexe.

If your home is built in the townhouse style, the garage location will take you from right where you park your car to the kitchen or lounge area above. Then in the morning your ride to work is just a couple of steps away from your new lift and taking your belongings up into the house, whatever the weather, could not be easier.

Closet to closet

Some homeowners prefer to keep their home lift tucked away out of view so many opt for the cupboard-to-cupboard option. Fitting the lift within a downstairs cupboard ensures the lift remains out of sight until it is needed, travelling up to a similar sized closet space on the first floor. Thanks to the extremely compact design of Lifton lifts, fitting it within a surprisingly small space is usually easy and uncomplicated.

Sitting room to bedroom

Favoured by those who have more modest homes, the option to position the domestic lift within the main living room and travelling to a bedroom is very popular. Because Lifton home lifts are supported on two upright rails, there is no need for the lift to be against a wall and it can be positioned in whatever is felt to be the most convenient spot in the room.

Having the lift travelling up into the bedroom, is also extremely convenient. In the room upstairs the lift itself makes very little impact on the space, and when it is in the downstairs ‘position’ it almost completely disappears. Lifton domestic lifts are minimalist and slimline, designed to flatter your choice of interiors. Wherever you choose to locate it, the new lift will almost certainly subtly catch the eye whilst seamlessly fitting into the home and suiting its surroundings.