‘The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests’ –Charles Eames


Whether you would like a home lift to improve your lifestyle or you need a home lift for mobility reasons, no one has to compromise on great design anymore.

Gone are the days when domestic lifts look bulky, commercial or clinical. The range of by Lifton Home Lifts is elegant, desirable and built with home living in mind.

Practicality and beauty come together to make a formidable team at Lifton Home Lifts and the result is a lift that out-performs expectations and glides between floors quietly and comfortably, giving you access to all areas without restrictions.

With a compact footprint and modular design, the LiftonDUO Home Lift and LiftonTRIO Home Lift have been designed with maximizing space in mind. It can be located almost anywhere from the corner of a room, to a hallway, main living space, a cupboard, the turning in a stairwell or take centre stage.

Available at the call of a button day and night, this domestic lift is reliable and convenient. As dusk falls, atmospheric down lighting sees you safely in and out of the lift. If you are away, the lift can be locked down. If you are on another floor, it can be called to you with a handy remote control.

People ignore designs that ignore people and this is why Lifton puts its customers at the heart of all of its blueprints. As a result, our satisfied customers describe Lifton as ‘elegant simplicity’ ‘a definite feature’ and ‘beautiful’. Designed to be admired and then blend effortlessly into the background, the Lifton Home Lift is available in a matte grey finish to transcend the seasons and complement your own choice of décor and style. Following the guiding principal of ‘less is more’ the controls are ‘hold to run’, simple and easy to understand.

White space is like air, it allows a design to breathe and the Lifton Home Lift, with its fully transparent car, floods natural light into any room. Good design means you subconsciously feel better, less stressed and more relaxed and these sophisticated style of domestic lift truly blends design with technology to enrich any living environment.

To learn more about how our stylish yet practical home lift can help transform your quality of life, get in touch with us today to receive your free Lifton brochure, or request a call back at a time that works for you.