At Lifton, we know more than a thing or two about home lifts, and we have supported thousands of customers who have selected one of our domestic lifts to suit their particular needs. We know the things that have pleasantly surprised our customers, delighted them, and in some cases completely changed their lives and made them fall in love with their home again. This month, therefore, we share with you an incredible 30 reasons to choose a home lift.

  1. Accessibility

Installing a home lift means you can move freely between floors, making your home genuinely accessible to both those who live there and those who visit, including older people with mobility concerns. Freedom and independence are two feelings that we receive feedback about and the transformational effect installing a domestic lift has on their lives.

  1. Safety

Being able to do away with using the stairs, which can be a risky area for older people or anyone with balance and mobility challenges can make things a lot safer in the home.

Falls are the most common safety hazard in the home for older people and one of the leading causes of injuries, so being able to move between floors without using stairs when you are unsteady on your feet is a total game changer.

  1. Future proofing your home

The last thing any of us want as we grow older is the upheaval and stress of moving home, particularly away from much loved neighbours or the community we have been settled in for decades.

Sometimes the idea of leaving a long-term family home and all its memories behind is far from appealing on top of other later life challenges. Making sure that your home is just as accessible to you, as it always was in younger and more mobile years means that you can continue to enjoy the autonomy and freedom of looking after yourself in the place you love. 

  1. Convenience

It is not only the people who live inside the house that a new home lift can carry! When you have a domestic lift, you need not worry about hauling holiday luggage downstairs or shopping and clean laundry up the stairs!

Now you can put these things in your lift and travel with them or even send them up or down a floor for someone else to take care of! Your home lift will help you find ways of making all kinds of tasks that little bit easier.

  1. Increased property value

Another significant benefit of having a lift in the home is that just in the way that a bathroom refit adds value to your home, a domestic lift can do the same.

The investment you put into your lift enhances the value of your home and can make it more appealing to buyers just like you when the time comes to sell.

  1. A home lift has good looks!

If you thought a domestic lift would look functional, or worse still ‘medical’ in its appearance, then think again.

The new generation of home lifts are compact, sleek and stylish. These elevators are specifically manufactured for home-use, so design is key to the process.

Ergonomic soft lines, LED lighting, neutral colourways that blend with any room décor and minimalist controls are just some of the attractive features you should look out for when choosing your lift.

  1. Optional Extras

With Lifton, there are many optional extras to build into a standard lift design. Some examples include installing an In-Car Seat. This is a popular option selected by customers, as it gives you a chance to enjoy the smooth travel of the lift and the independence it brings, whilst sitting to rest as you move between floors.

Interior Grab Rails are also a popular option if you prefer to stand but prefer the added comfort of somewhere to lean if required. Bespoke colours and finishes can provide extra customisation of your lift – this extends to all areas of the through floor lift including choosing different colour lift interior, rails and lining.

  1. Whisper quiet operation

A home lift by Lifton travels between the floor of the home on self-supporting rails and plugs straight into a standard 13amp power socket which means no load bearing walls or hydraulics are required.

Modern domestic lifts operate almost silently, ensuring they are never bothersome or disruptive to others in the home, simply smooth, fast and quiet.

  1. Space saving

Of course, you can select where you site your lift, either tucking it away from view in a cupboard space or making it a central and attractive feature.

Either way, you will find that a new compact home lift takes up a surprisingly small amount of space and unlike a stairlift does not restrict the space available on the stairway for other users.

Lifton home lifts arrive in module sections and are built up into place, making narrow corridors or low doorways easy to tackle.

  1. Time saving

If you have been used to coping with stairs even though they are difficult, they probably took you a while to manage. You may even have needed to have a little rest before making the return journey. Having a home lift and being able to travel between floors effortlessly and at the push of the button in just a few seconds, is a huge time saver.

  1. Flexibility

You can install a capsule-style home lift in a surprising number of locations within any home. Popular locations include main reception room up to master bedroom, or entrance hallway to landing area.

However, at Lifton, we have also supported customers who have specific requirements such as kitchen to children’s bedroom or conservatory to mezzanine. Our experienced team is happy to help with all of your ideas, suggestions and requirements.

  1. Energy efficiency

Home lifts can be extremely economical – for example because the Lifton lift is powered by just a standard domestic socket – it uses only minimal energy.

Installing a lift in the home does not result in sky high energy bills, even the largest option, the LiftonTRIO, which is built to accommodate a standard sized wheelchair, only requires the same amount of power as a toaster when in use.

  1. Sustainability

Sustainability is central to the operational approach of most modern home lift manufacturers, so you can be assured that the design, sourcing and build of the range of lifts is environmentally responsible.

This is, of course, helped by the fact that the products demand significantly less raw materials to make than older style, conventional domestic lifts.

  1. Desirability

Home lifts are a talking point. At Lifton, when we receive customer feedback, it nearly always includes information about how friends and family were all keen to experience the lift and loved how it looked and worked.

You will soon find that friends and family consider following suit having seen just how impressive the convenience and luxury of a home lift can be to your life.

  1. WFH

Employers should make sure their workplace, and the way they work, as accessible to as many people as possible. With how we work more flexible than ever, if you work from home and have mobility issues, a domestic lift is great for helping you move between floors independently at your own pace.

  1. Quality of life

Your standard of living and quality of life is directly impacted by how you live at home. A high-quality home environment where you feel safe, secure, independent and relaxed is paramount. If you have mobility issues, the installation of a home lift can be transformative, especially if you cannot manage the stairs without assistance.

Being self-sufficient has an incredible knock-on effect to positive mental health, good physical health, confidence, and independence, leading to a happier life.

  1. A welcoming feature for guests

Whether they are elderly, or have small children, travelling upstairs to the guest room via your domestic lift means that no one is ever put off from coming to stay without the obstacle of wondering how they will manage the stairs. Hosting is easy and your guests never feel as if they are putting you out or causing you worry.

  1. Multi-Generational homes

More and more families are choosing to look after older relatives in their own homes where they can. Though this is not always possible, a home lift is one investment that can make it a lot more of a realistic prospect.

Having a lift benefits grandparents, parents and children alike so whatever generation you are, chances of are a ride in the lift will be very welcome.

  1. Health benefits

As we age and bone strength diminishes with joints become less stable, it is important to do all we can to maintain good health in these areas.

The right kind of exercise and appropriate supplements can go a long way to helping, but a home lift also helps avoid placing further strain on your joints and muscles via stairs every day.

  1. Shifting furniture

We are not talking dining tables here, since a domestic lift from Lifton is so compact, when it comes to needing the extra chair from the office upstairs when there is an extra mouth to feed, it sure is a lot easier to just pop it in your lift than have to manage getting heavier items such as this up or down the stairs.

Our wheelchair-users tell us that something as simple as not having to have one wheelchair upstairs and one wheelchair downstairs, because they can roll straight into the home lift with just one is extremely convenient and practical as well as being space saving and leaving more room to manoeuvre.

  1. Use of grants

You may find that you are eligible for certain grants for relevant home improvements if you have a disability and require a lift in your home.

Some Lifton customers have come to us in these circumstances to seek the best option for their situation. We would be delighted to point you in the right direction of funding options such as the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG).

22.Something special

Your home will be remembered for its stylish lift feature, whether it is amongst your friends or when you are showing your home to potential buyers.

Customers tell us that their lift is admired and envied by their friends and

family, and it is a far better solution than a cumbersome stairlift or having to downsize to a bungalow.

Increasing in popularity in the UK, the home lift option is now being recommended by social services as well as being chosen by private homeowners, but it still has the ‘wow factor’ for its attractiveness uniqueness and as a life-transformative home mobility solution.

  1. Maintenance is a breeze

Your home lift supplier will want to make sure you regularly have your lift serviced to ensure it gives you hassle-free operation for life.

Beyond arranging its regular servicing, you need not do anything else, and investing in a lift with a built-in emergency telephone as a peace of mind back up plan is always an option, so if ever required, help is at hand.

  1. Resale potential

Make sure your home has more reasons to choose it than others in the same area and you will find that it is easier to sell your home as potential buyers recognise there is more value invested into it. Creating a forever home that is future-proofed, versatile, and multi-generational is highly appealing to buyers.

  1. Independent living

Maintaining autonomy and independence is key to happiness and wellbeing. At Lifton, we support homeowners who need a mobility solution when the stairs becoming a challenge.

We also help customers who are amputees, have a breathing condition, have suffered a spinal cord injury, live with multiple sclerosis, multiple dystrophy, dementia and have a visual impairment condition and more.

Having the peace of mind that a home lift gives you is worth its weight in gold when it comes to not requiring assistance from family or a carer, just to get upstairs.

  1. Elevated Elegance

Residential lifts used to be a luxury; nowadays, home lifts are an intelligent and necessary investment if you want to future-proof your home. The new generation of domestic lifts are elegant and stylish and compact – the perfect combination of features that fit effortlessly into your living environment.

  1. Physical rehabilitation

Even for those who generally have no overriding mobility challenges, there is often a time when stairs become temporarily difficult, such as after an operation, during a course of physiotherapy, or at times of illness or treatment where you may feel a little more uneasy on your feet.

At these times, having a home lift can really help your recovery and rehabilitation, as well as make life a little easier for the loved ones who care for you.

  1. Easy installation

In as little as one to two days, your home lift can be professionally installed, all mess cleared away and it can be ready to enjoy, so you need not let fears of disruptive building works putting you off reaching out to a reputable lift supplier.

At Lifton, because are lifts arrive in modular sections and built up into place, this minimises disruption to your home, avoiding the need to move heavy pieces of furniture etc.

  1. End to End Service

When you buy a home lift from Lifton, we ensure that you have one main point of contact from start to finish, so you always have someone to check in with to answer any questions you may have.

We pride themselves on being professional, friendly, work hard and leave their work area clean and tidy. We also offer an aftercare service, should you have any follow-up needs.

  1. Customer Testimonials

It is always better to read it in the words of the people we serve, so here you can find more information about Lifton home lifts and some lovely reactions from very happy customers.