The new LiftonTRIO Home Lift is the first home wheelchair lift of its kind. It is unique because it is admired for its design as much as it is for its engineering.

High-tech and prestigious, the LiftonTRIO is a home wheelchair lift with a difference. It is aimed at people who want access all areas in their homes, but do not want to compromise on style.

Engineering excellence

The LiftonTRIO Home Lift is innovative because it is sleek and modular, so it can be built into almost any space of your choice. It does not require any electrical work or any pipework alterations. There is no need for a lift shaft or pit or separate, noisy machine room. Once the domestic lift is installed it plugs straight into a domestic power socket and it is ready to go.

The installation can take as little as one day, and the only work needed to be carried out by a professional builder is a small opening in the ceiling for the domestic lift to pass between floors. The LiftonTRIO home lift is incredibly versatile as it is self-supporting, so no load bearing walls are needed. It is also whisper-quiet in motion thanks to its discreet motor concealed in the lid of the domestic lift.

What looks and feels like a generously-proportioned lift has a surprisingly small footprint of only 0.8m², which means you save on precious floorspace.

All in all, the LiftonTRIO Home Lift, saves you time, space and energy!

Distinguished Design

The LiftonTRIO Home Lift does not disappoint on design. It is transparent shell lets natural light flood through making it a wonderful travel experience.

Travelling between floors in under 30 seconds, the domestic lift is capsule shaped with soft, curved lines and includes a chic matte grey which is easy on the eye and compliments any personal choice of interior design.

The lift also comes with the option of a thru-car, which means a passenger can enter and exit from either side of the lift. This means no more awkward manoeuvres and maximum convenience.

To enhance your ownership experience

• Each lift comes with two remote controls
• A complimentary ramp with gentle angle is supplied
• Every LiftonTRIO Home Lift includes with a 12 months parts and labour warranty as standard

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