Most Lifton customers have never had the experience of choosing a home lift before, it’s not like just switching up your interior décor theme, we understand that completely. It is usually a necessity for the here and now or for some of our customers, a savvy investment to take future needs into account.

At Lifton Home Lifts, therefore, we wanted to take into account some of the queries we are often asked about when new customers make contact with us about their needs. Here is everything you really need to know about a Lifton Home Lift.

How big is a home lift like this?

Many customers we speak to comment on being pleasantly surprised that their new domestic lift is as discreet as it is, their rooms retain a light, airy feel and the lift does not intrude on the décor.

Since the home lifts themselves are self-supporting, do not require load bearing walls or separate engine room of any kind, they can be located almost anywhere in the home that suits your needs and your home’s layout.

So, you can tuck it away if that is your preference, or instead allow your beautifully designed luxury lift to take centre stage. In some cases, where it is such a feature that customers tell us they invite people around to show it off!

The LiftonDUO home lift has a neat, compact footprint of just 1040mm x 760mm including the rails. This makes it discreet and easy to locate unobtrusively in your home. This gives you ample space for two people to travel together.

Should you need to accommodate a full-sized wheelchair or simply want to be able to carry up to three people you need the more generously sized LiftonTRIO home lift, with a footprint of 1040mm x 1378mm.

What’s involved and what is installation like?

Your Lifton home lift cost is all inclusive, covering consultancy, survey, delivery, installation, demonstration and after sales assistance. We can even advise you of any subsidies that may be relevant in your circumstances.

Far from requiring huge amounts of work and upheaval, the installation process is simple and straightforward, causing the absolute minimum of fuss. In most cases the work can be carried out in as little as one day.

We only use qualified Lifton engineers to install our domestic lifts. Once the aperture in your ceiling is prepared by a qualified builder, our team can undertake the installation, or if you prefer to have your own builder do this, you can choose to do so.

Safety – is a lift safe enough for our family?

You can be completely reassured with a Lifton Home Lift that you are completely safe using it at all times. Once you choose a home lift to travel between the floors of your home, you need not worry about getting on and off a piece of equipment as you may with a stairlift.

Just step inside and push the button and you can have absolute peace of mind.  All Lifton home lifts are fitted with safety sensors above and below the car itself, which detect obstructions and cause the mechanism to smoothly stop the car if any are found.

In addition, every lift has a full height ‘light curtain’. This also acts as a sensor and will detect if anything crosses into or out of the lift as it travels, so that there is never any danger of anything being caught in the door to the lift car.

You also need not worry if there is a power cut in your home, as should this happen, the lift will draw upon its battery back-up power supply to safely descend to the lower level of your home, the lift would then remain in this location until the main power supply returns.

Why choose Lifton?

As well as exceptional build quality and design, a Lifton Home Lift will surprise you with just how simple, quiet and hassle free it is. Not to mention that like so many other customers you will likely be astonished at how much freedom it provides you with in your home. Moving between floors in just seconds can really open your entire home to you and particularly for anyone with mobility concerns or their families it can offer a hugely valuable sense of independence and peace of mind.