As we live longer, healthier lives, many of us are preferring to stay in our own homes rather than downsize or explore residential care options and as such, domestic lifts are becoming a natural next step for the ‘multi-generational’ forever home.

In fact, UK luxury home lift provider Lifton has found that many of their lift customers are very often ‘forward looking’, choosing to install a lift ahead of time so their home is fit for the future.

Whatever your reason for exploring the many benefits of a domestic lift, whether it will be used an addition to the stairs or to provide you with independence and freedom, a Lifton lift is just as stylish as it is practical.


  1. Home lifts can increase the value of your property

Whether for practical or luxury purposes, a home lift can benefit anyone, and it can even increase the value of your property. Homes with a lift installed are immediately more valuable to senior buyers, as well as anyone with mobility requirements who would benefit enormously in the long-term from a turn-key, accessible property. Larger properties also enjoy the convenience a domestic lift can bring when travelling between floors.

  1. Lifts can improve accessibility

A home lift opens doors. It is an elegant and stylish way to move freely between floors in your home. You do not have to travel alone. In spite of the small footprint, there is ample room inside for two companions travelling together, so you avoid the isolation of travelling in a chair lift for example. The Lifton Trio is our wheelchair lift. It is large enough to manoeuvre a wheelchair or up to 3 people and with the ‘thru car’ design you can enter and exit from either side.

  1. Lifts are safe

With safety features such as LED lights for night-time use, sensors fitted above and below the cab to prevent collisions with obstructions, and sensors to ensure nothing crosses into or out of the lift whilst it is in motion, you can be sure that your home lift will be safe for you and your loved ones. ‘Press-to-run’ controls means that you are always in control, and if you go away or have the grandchildren to visit, the smart key switch operation allows you to isolate the lift completely. If there is a power cut, the lift with carry you gently to the ground using its back up power.


  1. Lifts are attractive

Gone are the days of clunky, commercial-looking home lifts, a Lifton design is sleek and ergonomic, with a soft powdery coating, in a muted colourway. You can take your Lifton as it comes, or customise to your liking with additional options, but it is always guaranteed to deliver a ‘wow factor’. Thanks to its self-supporting structure and quiet motor stored neatly away from view in the lid of the cab, the design is unaffected by the functionality. Many homeowners install them pride of place and feedback tells us everyone loves to enjoy a ride and experience its whisper soft operation and smooth movement.


  1. Home Lifts Are Easy to Install

For a standard retrofit, our friendly and professional installation team can prepare the area and build and install your Lifton home lift in two days, creating minimal disruption to your daily routine. Thanks to the Lifton’s smart modular design, it makes it easy to pass under low doorways with ease and all that is required from a builder is a small opening in the ceiling for the domestic lift to glide through when in motion. Your Lifton installation team will fit a piece of flooring of your choice to the lid to blend seamlessly with your upstairs room when the lift is stationary on the ground level of your home.

Do get in touch with the team to find out how the lift can work in your home and to ask us any questions you may have. The team will be delighted to speak with you on 0808 258 7471.