Domestic lifts are designed to give you the lifestyle you deserve with unrestricted access to all areas of your home, whatever your circumstances.

Here, we have rounded up five of the unexpectedly brilliant features, you never knew a Lifton home lift had to offer!

  1. Stylish & Customisable

Designed to be as beautiful as it is practical, a Lifton home lift is made to blend into your home seamlessly.

Gone are the days where a through the floor lift looked medical and unsightly. Nowadays, you can expect nothing less than a contemporary, tech-lead, slimline design to flatter any décor.

One of the brilliant features of a domestic home lift, is the ability to fully access your room when the lift is stationed upstairs and when the lift is downstairs you can even match the roof lid design to your flooring, leaving your room looking exactly as you intended.

  1. Silence is Golden

Hear that sound? No?

Due to its unique driver system encased in the top of the car, a modern home lift has no need for a separate engine room and no noisy mechanical moving parts. A Lifton domestic lift is whisper soft as it slides along its self-supporting rails, leaving the day-to-day sounds of your home completely undisturbed!

  1. Location, Location, Location

One of the most brilliant features is the ability to place your home lift exactly where you want it. Almost without exception, a Lifton lift can accommodate your location choices. In a corner, in a cupboard or even in pride of place in the centre of the room, unlike many other domestic lifts, a Lifton domestic lift does not need to be fixed to a load bearing wall as it runs on stilts making it super versatile. Once the ideal location has been spotted, it can plug straight in like any other domestic appliance and it is ready to go.

  1. At the Touch of a Button

Making the most of technology, your home lift is packed with features.

A Lifton comes with ambient lighting for low or no light, two small remote controls – keeping one spare for either floor – and built-in sensors which automatically detect anything in the way above or below the domestic lift when it is moving. The lift is fitted with a self-closing, hinged door (available in both half height and full height options) which releases when the lift arrives safely at the floor of your choice.

  1. Room for Two

With room for two, you can carry on with your conversation and travel around your house together.

Lifton domestic lifts can happily carry two people, so there is space for visitors to have a turn, this is often a big hit with grandchildren who very much enjoy moving between the floors of the house this way.

The LiftonDUO home lift is perfect for two and the LiftonTRIO home lift comfortably accommodates a full-sized wheelchair or three people standing.

If you would like to find out more about the many benefits of having a home lift, you can request a free Lifton brochure or call and speak to one of our team for free on 0808 291 1217.