Many homeowners are looking to enjoy life’s little luxuries within their own four walls whilst also creating the opulent hotel-chic look at home. Whether this is through design choices, décor or the appliances and modifications they make to their home, there are many ways to upgrade the living space.

The professionals at Lifton Home Lifts look at how incorporating a domestic lift into the architecture of a property is the perfect way to add a shot of indulgence both in terms of style, and in luxurious living.

  1. Stylish design

Lifton home lifts use the very latest, cutting-edge technology to develop their elevators which are not only functional and safe, but they have created a lift with real elegance and style. With a tiny footprint of less than a square foot, the LiftonDUO Home Lift, for example is compact and neat and it runs on two self-supporting upright rails, meaning when it is not in the room it practically disappears. Its sleek capsule-shape will fit beautifully into almost any room or hallway. With a focus on the aesthetics of the elevator, Lifton lifts add a modern elegance and air of luxury to any home, modern or traditional.

  1. Lighting scheme

Beautifully luxurious homes often have lighting schemes with multiple layers of lights, including table lamps, spots, wall and ceiling lights, and colour-change LEDs, with different settings for different moods, zones and times of day.

Domestic lifts from Lifton can include an attractive light system of their own, with downlights and floor lights. Not only does this enhance the look of the lift itself but it means the elevator can be used to further enrich a carefully considered home lighting scheme, for the most opulent of homes.

  1. Décor

Discerning homeowners have as many décor styles to choose from as there is imagination. Whether the preference is sleek modern minimalism, art deco, elegant traditional, mid-century modern, glamorous boho chic, or any amalgam of other styles, a Lifton home lift blends effortlessly into any scheme. Thoughtfully designed to be both discreet and striking, the modern
elegance of a LiftonDUO or LiftonTRIO will fit unobtrusively into any domestic environment.

  1. Convenience

Luxury is not only about appearance. A domestic home lift gives the gift of moving easily around the home; it helps take the effort out of small everyday household tasks, and means that there are different routes to the upper levels of the home. Wash days are much easier to manage, luggage can be taken straight upstairs on return from a far-flung holiday, and heavy items can be transported around the home with ease. Guests can enjoy the convenience of a home lift too, and visitors with mobility difficulties can find it invaluable.

  1. Quality product

It is the quality of Lifton home lifts which gives them their truly luxurious feel. In-built intelligent technology makes a Lifton home lift safe, smooth, efficient and quiet. With a Lifton domestic lift there are no visible hoists and no noisy motors, as they run using discreet wire rope hoists and built-in drive equipment all neatly concealed in the roof space of the lift capsule.

The intuitive design of a Lifton lift ensures simple and easy operation and the extensive safety features will keep lift users safe, both inside and outside the elevator.

This quality is backed up by the highest levels of customer service both before and after the purchase.