Home upgrades and improvements really pay off. The right choices offer a great long-term investment, add value to your home and instantly improve your appreciation of your space.Here at Lifton Home Lifts, we look at five ways to create a home which exudes luxury, comfort and sophistication.

Garden Room

Whether it is rethinking your outdoor area to upgrade your entertaining space, extending the workable footprint of your home or creating a high-tech outdoor office, the range of summer rooms, pods and outbuildings is broader than ever.

An outdoor room creates a stylish extra space, from beautiful bespoke orangeries with their distinguished classical architecture to eco-friendly garden pods, which create a sustainable and planet-friendly, private office or garden annexe.

Choose a sunny spot for maximum light, remove overhanging branches away from the roof and gutters and you have the perfect new addition to your home.

Connected Living

Smart technology and connected smart homes are highly desirable and proven to attract more competitive market value when measured in terms of energy efficiency, security and convenience.

Smart tech creates a connected home where everything from lighting to blinds to heating can be controlled at the touch of a button, from any device, wherever you are.

And it is not only setting your appliances to operate at a convenient time. Digital artwork, as an integrated part of a room scheme, is becoming an increasingly sought-after way to create atmosphere and mood in a living space.

Avoid multiple apps and remotes with an integrated control system, and keep everything in one place, allowing you more time to relax and enjoy precious leisure time.

Home Lift

As new luxury properties are being planned, designed and built, clients are increasingly requesting a floorplan which incorporates the ultimate in-home luxury: a home lift.

A domestic lift instantly creates a sense of affluence, providing a homeowner with the choice of how they choose to move around their home. Modern home lifts are sleek, fast and convenient.

A contemporary, stylish home lift can blend beautifully with any décor, is whisper quiet to run, takes up minimal space and can add a stamp of excellence and beautiful design to any property. It is a high-tech, rare and highly sought-after feature which will instantly add to a property’s value in just the same way as investing in a beautiful kitchen or top-of-the-range bathroom.

The clever technology and expertly engineered design of a modern home lift offers something extra special. It creates a modern, future-proofed, multi-generational, forever home. There are also more spacious lifts available which allow more people to travel up together and can be used as a wheelchair home lift should your personal requirements or those of your guests change.

Climate Controlled Wine Storage

End a busy day with a glass of your favourite fine wine, chilled to perfection.

Integrated into your kitchen features or housed separately in a designated room or cellar, wine cabinets can hold anything from three to 300 bottles of wine and keep them chilled at exactly the right temperature.

Wine cabinet units range from £2,000 to £6,000 and include fantastic features such as holographic door sensors which open the door and activate a mechanism to select your favourite bottle for you.

Home Cinema System

A home cinema system is a luxurious addition to any large home with space to spare, providing amazing sensory entertainment at home.

Creating a home cinema is not as complicated, technical or expensive as it sounds and the range of sophisticated home technology products available is vast.

Focus on the design and technical details, thinking about sound quality and number of users as well as location in the home and how to enjoy the experience if people are sleeping upstairs by investing in headphones which recreate the surround sound listening environment.

To enhance the viewing experience, opt for a high-quality screen, speakers, AV receiver mood lighting, a dedicated control system and supremely comfortable seating.