According to research we spend almost 70 per cent of time in our homes. In a quest to make sure we are living as healthily as possible, it is worth, therefore looking at how our houses help to keep us healthy – and what more they can do for us.

Here at Lifton Home Lifts, we look at the top ways we can make our homes healthy spaces and in turn how our properties can look after us.

 Grow your own

You are what you eat! If you have outside space – no matter how small – consider growing something edible.

Fresh fruit and veg add vitamins and fibre to the diet which bring their own health benefits, but further to that, it is well documented that the process of growing plants is excellent for mental health and overall well-being.

Whatever you fancy will do, as long as you have suitable conditions. Strawberries in a planter are ideal for those without much space, or time, and the sweet fruit will be a perfect reward. Or for those with a larger plot consider a vegetable patch or raised planters for a range of salad vegetables. Tomatoes are a joy to grow as they can be quite abundant when using a grow bag, and there is no taste like fresh tomatoes from right outside your own backdoor.

Minimise hazards

Being healthy at home is also about making sure your home does you no harm. According to reports, around 50 per cent of all accidents happen in the home, the top three being falling objects, trips and falls, and bruises. Trips and falls tend to happen to the very young and the older population. As we age it is important that we identify the riskiest areas of the home, usually the stairs, the kitchen, and the bathroom.

By installing a home lift you can eliminate the first of these hazards entirely, knowing that you and the rest of the household can move between floors quickly and safely at the touch of a button.

Stay fit and well

Exercise is key to maintaining good health and by creating an area of the home in which to exercise means that people are more likely to keep to a fitness regime. Whichever area of the home you choose to use, and whatever your favourite form of exercise might be, being able to exercise at home takes away the barrier of needing to ‘get to the gym.’

Often a converted garage is a preference for home gym equipment on account of the space, or equally a summer house in the garden which might benefit from attractive views while you exercise.

Maximise the light

Taking vitamins to supplement your diet is an excellent way to make sure you are getting what you need, but with vitamin D the most effective way to absorb it into the body is by being exposed to sunlight. Lots of lovely daylight is really good for the mental health too, and being exposed to bright morning light helps to set your circadian rhythm which means you’ll sleep better at night.

Your home can help you by being as light and airy as possible. Make sure the windows are clear of furniture and curtains, and add in mirrors to move the light around your home.