Entryways and hallways are key spaces in any home. They see lots of daily traffic from the whole family, they link all the living spaces of the home, and more importantly they are where visitors are first greeted. It is important therefore to design your hallway to reflect your home’s architecture, your family ethos, or your own décor stye. But as rooms in the home, halls also present unique challenges. They have requirements such as being hardwearing practical spaces, and having plenty of storage for coats, bags and shoes. Sometimes these much-used spaces have frustratingly little floorspace, or many doors to contend with. And notoriously they can become cluttered with the debris of life. Lifton Home Lifts have much experience of halls, and how to make the very best of the busiest room in the house.


There is often debate about what décor to go for in a hallway. Traditionally homeowners opt for ‘light and bright’ to give a welcoming feel and make a practical space. The other benefit of a neutral cream colour scheme is that it will not clash with the colours of the rooms which adjoin it, allowing a freer rein for the design in the living spaces. However, new thinking is that in darker entrance halls opting for a dark colour scheme adds drama without trying to disguise the lack of light. In addition, it is said that the rooms flowing from the hall then feel bigger and brighter in contrast. Another idea is to opt for neutral walls, whilst painting the stairs and banister a bright or striking colour adding personality and a pop of colour.


As space is often at a premium in even a larger hallway any furniture added needs to work hard for the space as well as being attractive. The best pieces are those that double up their functionality, and even better if they use the height of the space. For example, a beautiful high backed wooden bench with flip up shoe storage beneath the seat, coat hooks along the top rail and more storage boxes across the top is the perfect piece, as it is attractive, practical, multipurpose and takes up minimal floor room.

Wow factor

Just because a space needs to work hard does not mean it does not deserve a wow-factor. Many Lifton home lift customers choose to install their Lifton domestic lift in pride of place in the hallway. With elegant design, attractive lights and a compact footprint, home lifts are a show-stopping way to turn the hall into a luxurious yet incredibly functional space. Because all the traffic passes through the home, installing a domestic lift here makes the perfect .

sense as it simply becomes an easier alternative to climbing the stairs for the whole household. In many homes with larger halls the void at the centre of the stairwell makes a perfect space for the elevator to be installed.

Accessorise with care

As with furniture, every accessory in the entryway needs to be carefully considered. Wall space can be used to display chosen family portraits, or favoured artwork. The stair wall if often perfectly placed to create a gallery of pictures. Use attractive table lamps to add a welcoming glow to the space and use timer settings to double up as a security measure. Mirrors can be used to great effect in any hall, both to reflect light, make the space feel larger, as well as providing the chance to check your reflection before answering the door or leaving the house.