Having all spent an increasing amount of time in our homes over recent years, with many more people home-based even during their working hours, many of us seek the ideal in-home upgrades, to ensure our home provides the relaxing, high comfort sanctuary we aim for. The specialists at Lifton Home Lifts take a look at some of the home improvements you could make this year that are actually worth it.

Kitchen Counters

Probably the feature in any kitchen with the greatest visual impact, the kitchen counter also has to be highly functional. In most homes these are used for everything from food preparation to crafting, so they need to be able to cope with frequent and thorough cleaning, as well as being in constant use by the whole family for all manner of activities and subject to all sorts of spillages! One of the most popular surfaces for countertops is Quartz, offering a fantastic level of durability, a reasonably easy to care for option as well as a range of beautiful finishes to suit any style of kitchen.

New Garage doors

No doubt you will have spotted when the neighbours have made such a change to their property and that it down to the impressive boost in kerb appeal that a new garage front can provide. As well as this huge aesthetic improvement, changing your garage door could be of significant benefit if you use the garage space for hobbies or leisure, a gym for example, in terms of being more insulating or offering more in the way of security, peace of mind or easy electronic access. Perhaps surprisingly, this is one of the home improvements for which you are highly likely to see a great return on your investment when the time comes to move on.

Zero threshold showers

Large shower enclosures continue to gain in popularity, with zero threshold options presenting a sleek look and no barrier to step over. So, it is understandable that this is a trend that continues into 2023. Easier to use both for little ones and for the elderly, if you have the space or perhaps do not need

a traditional bathtub then a zero-threshold shower could be the ideal option to treat both your home and your family with this year.

A luxury home-lift

Offering the utmost in home functionality as well as the height of luxury, why not consider a home lift? Getting into your own domestic lift at the end of a long day, and being transported upstairs at the press of a button makes home feel like it really is the most nurturing of places.

Modern domestic lifts are designed to be discreet and stylish, and can be positioned almost anywhere the homeowner chooses, so it can be kept as a private luxury tucked out of the way, or positioned in the hallway for everyone to enjoy as a centre-piece. The real joy of a home lift is the peace of mind it offers – that no matter what the circumstances, your lift can be relied upon, so as future proofing options go it really is one of the best.

Under floor heating

A radiant under floor heating system heats the rooms from the bottom up, ensuring the heat can be evenly distributed around the room and you avoid getting cold feet! Yes, such a project is a significant one as it causes considerate disruption to carry out but if you are renovating throughout and want to be mindful of energy use too then the effort and investment are well worth it to enable you to reap the benefits without any danger that you change your mind about the style! It can even be installed in outdoor areas.