As December rolls around once more, thoughts turn to entertaining, enjoyment, fabulous feasting and inviting guests to share our homes, making sure their stay is as comfortable and luxurious as possible.

Even beyond the holiday season, if your home accommodates a multi-generational household all year round or you recognise the intelligent investment of future proofing your residence, a luxury home lift can be an enviable property feature that truly comes into its own at this time of year, making your home fully accessible for you and your guests for years to come.

Why go out when you can go up?

Traditionally there were two possible routes towards increasing your useable living space; to extend your home (in which case you are at the mercy of the planning restrictions) or to relocate.

Now however, particularly in cities such as London, Manchester and beyond, basement and attic conversions have become increasingly sought after and with any increase in multi floor living so increases the need to ensure practical, efficient access beyond one floor.

Converting the very top floor or basement level of your property gives you usable space within the existing footprint and a luxury domestic lift to access it really elevates the project to make it a special transformation.

Refurbishing or renovating? Now is the perfect time

If you are already underway with renovations or planning a full refurbishment in your home to get your interior space just as you would like it, it makes total sense to consider the installation of a home lift whilst you have other trades in place.

If you have a high-end residential property which you would like to incorporate a domestic lift in, you will be reassured to know that a capsule home lift as elegant and unobtrusive as those from Lifton can be installed with minimal disruption, in just a day or two. Its inclusion need not interfere with any other trades working in your residence.

The specification of one of Lifton’s range of stylish, capsule-shaped home lifts can genuinely accentuate and improve the aesthetics of any home. Modern, stylish, luxury lifts, a far cry from those that came before them, can be tailored to meet your needs, whether it is for individual use, or you prefer a slightly larger option suitable for two people, or even a wheelchair user. Not at all cumbersome or unattractive, a carefully selected Lifton home lift will bring a luxurious look and feel that can make your home completely unique.

A thing of beauty

A home lift can be far more than a fabulous functional feature. It can be a thing of beauty too. Modern domestic lifts offer exquisite design including transparent, floor-to-ceiling cabs, styled to feel airy and spacious whilst enhancing the surrounding décor without compromising on space or performance. Whether you require one in a main residence or a guest house, a luxury lift serves as a centre piece of craftsmanship, design and beauty.

Blending into the background

Your Lifton domestic lift can be installed almost anywhere you like, blending in beautifully or stylishly showcasing itself. All Lifton lifts have flexible placement options and a small footprint.

Whether your home is a period building, contemporary townhouse or cozy cottage there is a solution for your property. Lifton lifts are stylish, minimalist and slimline, designed to flatter all choice of interiors. Wherever you choose to locate it, your new lift is so subtle it is seamless.

The sound of silence

You may expect that introducing a feature as fundamental as a new, luxury home lift will mean that you need to consider its placement carefully.

One thing you need not worry about is the noise. A Lifton luxury home lift is whisper quiet. Your interior space will not be compromised by its presence and when in motion, it glides on self-supporting rails from one floor to another.