2023 was all about quiet luxury as a trend, stemming from the fashion brands but slowly working its way into homes, but this year, ‘minimaluxe’ for home interiors is everything. Here at Lifton Home Lifts, we tell you all you need to know about what it is and how to achieve it.

Last year, interior design began a foray into earthy colour palettes and high quality, sustainable materials. Minimaluxe, however, is a blend of quiet luxury and minimalism.

There is an old saying that ‘money screams, wealth whispers’ and this is certainly true of this latest, evolved lifestyle trend, which is really minimalism for modern times.

The intention being to create a calming, clutter, free space that speaks of timeless appeal and heightened comfort. It is this timeless appeal that has the trend gathering such momentum, with searches for ‘minimaluxe’ up almost 4,000 per on Google in the last month according to the search engine.

Wherever you look on social media, you will find more and more relaxing, neutral palettes used in homes and embraced by Instagram followers. Perfect to turn focus to at this time of year, this trend gives us the perfect incentive to spring clean and achieve a clutter-free, more stress-free home. What exactly though is different about this year‘s key trend and how can we achieve the look?

What is Minimaluxe?

Start with relaxing, colour palettes in neutral tones, and add great quality, long-lasting materials. Then throw in some soft shapes and soften harsh, shiny metal surfaces in main living spaces and seek out an appealing blend of luxury and comfort. Do not worry, neutral colour for this year need not mean a return to the horrors of Magnolia of yesteryear, or the harshest of whites. Dulux paints has a colour of the year for 2024 called ‘Sweet Embrace’ which is in fact the palest of blush pinks, offering just enough warmth, combined with soothing neutral tones.

When it comes to furniture, smooth lines and beautiful curves is where this trend is at. Lose the sharp, straight edged shapes of rectangular coffee tables or cubist style sofas, if you are trying to achieve minimaluxe then your living room should present with inviting, opulent comfort.


As it is Spring now is the time to embark on the annual declutter! You cannot achieve minimaluxe successfully with surfaces covered in trinkets or piles of paperwork that need tackling.

The good news is that this step alone can bring a lot more calmness to any home before you even need to start any decorating. The trick is, of course, keeping it that way.

Let there be light

Of course, for some homes and rooms, this is easier than others, but maximising natural light is one of the main ways to make your home as inviting, bright and luxurious as possible.

Maximising light creates a sense of space which helps with this trend. Where there is naturally less light in a room, aim to encourage what natural light there is to bounce around by sticking to light coloured walls and flooring, even when it comes to curtains or blinds keeping fabrics lightweight helps illuminate the space beyond.

Then when it comes to adding lighting, getting the light levels just right into the evening, can really help with the aesthetic. For minimaluxe, think low-level, warm lighting, avoiding harsh overhead lighting at all costs, as anything harsh, or too stark, takes away from the comforting aspect and mood of what this home design trend is all about.

High quality comfort is crucial

There are few things more comforting particularly over the Winter months, than wrapping up in a beautiful soft blanket or sinking into the sofa and feeling cosy whilst relaxing of an evening. Fortunately, this trend is absolutely on the money for this. Choose timeless, quality pieces that are also comforting, like cashmere, or luxury thick faux fur throws.

Avoid at all costs those sofas that might look good in the brochures, but do not lend themselves to relaxing. Choosing blankets, cushions and even bedding that are both comfortable, but also made from long-lasting fabrics will instantly enhance your interior style and add the necessary luxury feel.

You could start by selecting matching throw cushions in neutral colours or drape an elegant blanket over a comfortable curvy sofa and this, in itself, will start to transform the space. When choosing soft furnishings, remember less is more and you are looking for understated patterns, soft, tactile fabrics, and of course neutrals.

If you are worried about updating your interior style based on a passing trend than fear not as lifestyle editors, and interior designers alike, believe that minimaluxe, with its easy to embrace curves, mood – enhancing neutral colours, and high-quality comforts is likely to be a design look that we all choose to hang onto well into the future.

Whilst updating your home with interiors that will enhance your space for years to come, consider whether a sleek, curved, light and airy, compact domestic lift from Lifton can benefit your space and comfort well into the future too.

At Lifton Home Lifts, we know a thing or two about luxury and comfort, as well as ensuring your home meets your future needs. We would love to talk to you about what we can offer to suit your specific needs, and of course your beautiful home.