Summer is well and truly here, and whether it brings hot and sunny days, or the more British showery weather, longer days and relaxed living are guaranteed. Lifton Home Lifts have lots of ideas to make your home ready for a stress-free and laid-back summer season and a chance to recharge and make the most of the most tranquil time of year.

Splash of colour

Summer in nature is a riot of colour. The brightest blossom erupts into bloom, and contrasting flowers sit happily side-by-side in the same flowerbed. No wonder why we crave more bright colours in our homes in the summer. If you have a subtle and neutral interior design scheme, consider adding bright cushions and throws to your sofa to catch the eye, or if you have a feature wall, now might be the time to repaint it a bold fuchsia shade or luscious green to keep summer popping inside as well as out.

Make the living easy

Summer is all about being free and easy, bright and breezy, so aim to make your home a relaxing sanctuary to remove any extra stresses. And that includes if you have any mobility difficulties. In the hot, sticky summertime days, no one needs to contend with struggling with the stairs. Opt for ramps in the garden to alleviate the risk of trips and falls and consider installing a modern Lifton home lift to make your home as accessible as can be through the summer, and all year round.

Flowers everywhere

This year, the biophilic trend is more popular than ever. This craze – which is based on bringing greenery into the home through botanical prints, plant-based colours, and actual houseplants – brings a sense of calm to the home. Add a new twist on this theme by filling the home with fresh cut flowers to embrace the abundant summertime feeling. As floral themes are extremely popular on dresses this year, so they are popular in the home. Try table dressings and curtains which feature a flower motif to help bring more nature into the home.

Indoor/outdoor living

Increasingly homeowners are choosing to make their garden an extension of the house, and with a huge range of garden living products on the market it’s now easier than ever to achieve. Luxury garden sofas as comfortable as the indoor variety, indoor/outdoor rugs, and tables with built in fire pits will ensure your garden is as well appointed as your house. Add to this an array of garden lights, a water feature and even an outdoor cinema system and you will be able to enjoy warm summer nights in five-star comfort.