An Englishman’s home is known for being his castle. But these days, people tend to view their homes more as a sanctuary or haven away from the stresses of the world, somewhere to retreat to for rest and comfort.

With a few simple additions and upgrades, your home can feel like a nurturing place to restore your well-being. The specialists at Lifton Home Lifts consider the creature comforts that bring immediate luxury and sense of harmony to the home.

Pamper your bedroom

Starting with the place where we benefit from restorative sleep and long relaxing lie-ins, the bedroom is key to a truly tranquil home. Make bedding as comfortable and sumptuous as possible, choosing your perfect tog of duvet and firmness of pillow and add in a bedspread for extra cosiness. Experts say that pillows should be replaced every two years, and mattresses every seven to make sure they are clean and providing support.

Choose your colour palette carefully, opting for calming colours which look good in evening light as well as morning sun, and for a happy and peaceful space, add in pictures you love.

By looking after you bedroom, it will look after you by improving your sleep, and bringing all the benefits that come with a good night’s sleep.

Take the strain out of the stairs

For your home to take real care of you, a little luxury goes a long way, and what could feel more luxurious than having your own home lift? Getting into your own home elevator at the end of a long day, and being transported upstairs at the press of a button makes home feel like it really is the most nurturing of places.

Modern domestic lifts are designed to be discreet and stylish, and can be positioned almost anywhere the homeowner chooses, so it can be kept as a private luxury tucked out of the way, or positioned in the hallway for everyone to enjoy. The real joy of a home lift is the peace of mind it offers – that no matter what the circumstances, your home will work hard to look after you when you need it to.


When thinking about the home, we often forget about the importance of scent, and its subtle but powerful role in creating a feeling of well-being. There are many options when it comes to choosing how to fragrance your home, from reed diffusers, scented candles, and room sprays. Electronic aroma diffusers are growing in popularity as the scent can be changed to suit your mood, and they often have a pleasing colour change feature making them a soothing and attractive addition to any room.

Consider using different yet complimentary fragrances throughout the home, so that as you travel between rooms you are greeted with fresh scents.

Although any fragrance that you love is good for the soul, scents with aromatherapy oils as a base allow you to choose one which will invoke a certain feeling, such as lavender to calm you, or geranium to restore.

Create places for time out

To really relax in our homes, we need relaxing spaces. We can build these into the different areas of our houses providing opportunities to pause at different moments of the day. This might be a carefully positioned arm chair in a sunny spot in the kitchen for a morning coffee, or a cosy window seat in the dining room perfect for afternoon rest with a good book. Even in a smaller home, a chair in a corner of the hall can serve as an inviting nook to stop and take a moment out of the day’s activities.

Bring in the greenery

A simple, but very effective change to the home to add a sense of calm is to introduce house plants. House plants bring benefits in lots of different ways: they provide a source of oxygen and can neutralise common pollutants found in the air, their presence creates a calmer space, and looking after plants is known to be good for mental health.

Choose the right plant for your room. Make sure it is a variety that will thrive in that location, for example whether it’s for a steamy bathroom or south facing sunny spot, there will be a plant to suit. If you have the space use plants as a feature. A tall and stylish dracaena always makes a structural statement, or opt for the currently on-trend Swiss cheese plant for a relaxed, bohemian feel. Even a pretty orchid on a mantelpiece can add a fresh and calming focal point to the room.