Whatever your location, whatever the style of your property and wherever you are in the UK, the Lifton domestic lifts team will find a solution for you.

As part of our commitment to customer service excellence, Lifton Home Lifts are yet to be beaten on location or property type and we have installed our ‘through the floor’ lifts in a canal house, a modest 17th century cottage and even installed two lifts in one house, on different floors.

The Lifton Home Lift is prestigious and stylish, but above all it is supremely flexible. It has a compact footprint and is manufactured in modules. Due to its slimline profile, it can fit into the corner of a room, behind a cupboard door, or even into the void of a turning staircase.

Popular configurations chosen by our clients include placing the lift in a downstairs entertaining space to travel upstairs into a main bedroom and locating the lift in an entrance hall to travel up to landing or mezzanine. We can also install the domestic lift to move between two cupboard spaces, for maximum discretion and convenience. Sloping ceilings pose no problem, as the installation team simply create a small flat surface from which to mount the lift.

Unlike conventional domestic lifts, Lifton home lifts do not use hydraulics and are powered by an intelligent electric motor which plugs straight into a normal 13-amp power socket like any other household appliance. This means the Lifton is energy efficient and very quiet. There is no need for a separate noisy machine room.

Its innovative self-supporting design and dual rail technology carries the weight of the lift so no major structural alterations are required and there is no need for a supporting wall, which again makes the Lifton Home Lift extremely flexible. The range of Lifton home lifts are fully compliant with all European safety standards and we also supply a stylish range of wheelchair lifts.

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