Lifton home lifts will be offered as an option to potential clients on new domestic lift website

The Homelift Experts has been launched in the UK to assist users considering installing a home lift in their home.

The team at Homelift Experts will help recommend the right home lift for the customer based on budget, size of the domestic lift required, whether it is for a wheelchair user, if multiple floor access is needed and the style of the lift.

At Lifton, we offer a more luxurious range of home lifts as demonstrated by our LiftonDUO Home Lift and LiftonTRIO Home Lift models. Lifton is listed on the Homelift Experts website alongside other home lift providers.

For potential clients that land on the Homelift Experts site, they will first need to call them and make an appointment for a home lift specialist to visit their property. The consultant will help them decide on the right lift and right location for the lift.

Once the client has placed an order with the appropriate home lift company, a full site survey will be carried out at the home before building work and installation commences at the property. A typical standard installation by Lifton can take just one day.

Lifton offers a free 12-month warranty on all our domestic lift products and we also offer the option to purchase an extended warranty for up to five years.