Homeowners installing a home lift usually do so with one primary reason in mind, be that a new mobility issue, future-proofing the property, or creating a better, more flexible layout in their house. It can be surprising, therefore, when new domestic lift owners find there are lots more hidden ways their new addition can help out around the home, improving day to day life in so many little ways.

At Lifton Home Lifts, we looked at five of the ways a new domestic lift can help share the load of a busy home, increase the safety of the household, and do away with unnecessary heavy lifting which can be bad for the health of all members of the family, no matter what their age.


  1. Great for carrying luggage


When we travel, it is one thing to get everything that is needed for a trip into the suitcase or holdall but, as any frequent traveller will know, it is quite another to get the heavy, loaded bags down the stairs safely without damaging the hallway, or injuring the back. With the average baggage allowance on flights in the UK being 23kgs, it makes for a weighty case to carry up and down stairs. However, home lift owners do not have this problem. With the Lifton range of domestic lifts being able to carry between 375 and 550lbs, a few suitcases are an easy load for a domestic lift. Simply, wheel in, travel between floors and wheel out again with ease.


  1. Give the grandchildren a ride


When grandchildren come to stay, they inevitably bring with them their own toys and equipment which needs to be moved around the home, as well as the need for the home to be child-proofed. Depending on the age of the children the stairs can be quite a worry for grandparents whose homes may not be set up for the safety of young children. Babies and toddlers are notoriously attracted to the idea of climbing up or down the stairs, undeterred by the hazard of falling. Grandparents who are less steady on their feet may also worry about the risks of carrying children up and down stairs where a fall poses a worrying risk to both. A home lift can take away this risk, by safely transporting everyone between floors. Because of the in-built safety features, domestic lifts are a perfect solution for transporting little ones, plus it can also be a real novelty for the children. There are also wheelchair lifts available.


  1. Manoeuvring the vacuum cleaner


One daily chore which is made so much easier with a home lift is the vacuuming. It comes as a surprise to many customers that they had not considered how much easier it would be to transport the cumbersome and heavy vacuum cleaner around the home when there is no need to drag it up the stairs. A home lift makes light work of this task by enabling the vacuum cleaner to be moved between floors with ease. Even those with mobility difficulties can take control of their own cleaning needs when they do not have the stairs to contend with.


  1. Cleaning up on laundry day


The laundry is a necessary but dull household task for many and involves far more bending, lifting and carrying than we give it credit for. With laundry rooms being generally downstairs, and dressing rooms and laundry baskets stationed upstairs, the laundry requires much moving around of large and heavy loads of clothes. It is only those who have installed a home lift who realise that being able to load clean laundry into the elevator downstairs and send it upstairs at the push of a button to be put away, what a help this is on wash day.


  1. Taking the load with heavy shopping


Houses come in all shapes and sizes. In many town houses, or homes built on hillsides, it is common to find the kitchen on the second storey, or up a flight of stairs. In these homes carrying groceries in from the car becomes a chore in itself. To negate this issue many homeowners, install a domestic lift from garage to kitchen, the prime benefit of course being that they can travel from car to house more easily, but being able to transport heavy bags of shopping at the same time saves time and energy, and the risk of injury.