If you are considering purchasing a Lifton Home Lift, here at Lifton, we have produced a step-by-step guide as to how our stylish domestic works.

On installation day, a team of qualified Lifton engineers will arrive at your property, with your new Lifton Home Lift.

The domestic lift is modular so it arrives in pieces and then is built back up into the location of your choice which will have already been decided during the site survey stage. This design means it is extremely versatile and easy to transport and install making small spaces, low doorways, low ceilings, even tricky corners easily manageable.

Our range of Lifton home lifts fit almost anywhere due to self-supporting stilts – from garage to ground floor, from living area to main suite, from hallway to landing, even from first floor up to roof terrace. The only building work required for this elegant home lift is a small opening in the ceiling for the lift to smoothly pass through between floors.

Once the structure is in place and the ceiling opening is completed, integral, easy-glide rails ensure that the lift moves effortlessly and is whisper-quiet, providing an unequalled home lift travel experience. Powered by a small but powerful motor concealed in the lift lid, both the LiftonDUO Home Lift and LiftonTRIO Home Lift plug straight into an ordinary domestic plug socket and is ready to be enjoyed, making it convenient as well as highly energy efficient.

Innovative and groundbreaking, there is no other lhome ift on the market where attention to design is equal to technical functionality. The lift cabin which slots neatly in between the two stilts, is ergonomically designed to be compact but feel airy and spacious. Light, neutral colours create the illusion of space and a fully transparent surround allows natural light to flood through. The Lifton Home Lift design is simplistic and just ‘feels’ really good visually. Our customers tell us that their domestic lift is regularly admired by friends and family.

Once installed, the Lifton travels between floors in under 30 seconds and, at the touch of a button, you can call the lift to whichever floor you are currently on, with a convenient remote control. When not in use, the Lifton can also be fully locked down, which is ideal if you are away or if the grandchildren come to play.

Should you ever decide to move house, it is just as simple to reverse the initial build process to uninstall your Lifton Home Lift and take it with you. Alternatively, should you decide to leave your lift in situ, property owners often find that it adds value to the re-sale of their home, as it is a highly desirable lifestyle feature.

For more information about the Lifton Home Lift please visit our FAQs page or contact the Lifton team on 0808 250 4739. Feel free to view our customer stories or catch up with the latest Lifton news.