As you place your keys into the lock and throw open the doors of your home, you should be met with feelings of warmth, comfort and belonging. And with modern technology pressing forwards, now everyone can enjoy a home that is stylish and functional in equal measure. Your whole family should be able to make the most of every space; your home facilitating your needs for now and in the future – with design and functionality at its core! Here we explore ten ways to achieve the perfect balance.

1. Make an Entrance!
As you step into your home, you want the wow factor. This is the first impression your visitors get, and it should be a reflection of your style and personality. Think ambient lighting, a gallery wall, a stand-out chair or a dark staircase. Whatever your taste, you can always leave a lasting impression with a few tweaks and adjustments.

2. Space Planning
Space planning describes the process of determining the purpose, functional requirements, and basic layout of specific areas in your home. Take time out to consider the layout of your space and how each room connects, a home that flows is a comfortable home. Space planning ensures space is not wasted and adapts to your habits and preferences.

3. Clean Sightlines
Clutter spoils your enjoyment of your home. By incorporating clever and discrete storage solutions you can keep that clutter at bay and enjoy your unspoilt home. Ensure the storage is user friendly. Consider integrated under stairs storage, for example, rather than a cupboard brimmed with clutter. Knowing where everything is brings great comfort and reassurance. Smart storage is accessible storage.

4. Give Every Room a Purpose
Purposeful rooms do not just include laundry rooms, home offices and other spaces where you do actual work or household chores. Creating ‘intentional’ spaces begins with moving from room to room, scanning for opportunities to create something valuable where there is wasted space. Do not live in one room when you can make the most of your entire house and move around with comfort and enjoyment.

5. Future-Proof with a Home Lift
Imagine never having to drag laundry upstairs again or giving your elderly relatives the option of the spare room upstairs. A stylish and discrete home lift is an asset to your home in a multitude of way. Lifton domestic lifts for example are highly sought after due to the self- supporting structure, sleek exterior and whisper quiet travel experience. A new home lift means access to all areas of your home, whenever you require, day and night.

6. Spark Your Imagination
Think carefully about what types of home you love and what inspires you about them. What is it about the way they look that you love? Think about your style, is it traditional, cottage style or sleek minimalistic and modern?
Do not feel you need to lean into the trends. The winning style is the one that speaks to your sensibilities and personal preferences!

7. Select Functional Furniture
Bookcase with a fold-down table? Under-bed storage that doubles as bedside table? From side table to dining table if it does not work hard enough for you and create a sense of style and functionality – it doesn’t meet your needs.
You should love your home and everything in it without compromise, it is your home after all. Take your time. Do your research. Make everything work for you.

8. Extend Living to the Outdoors
Embrace good weather! When the sun is shining, you want to get outdoors and soak up that vitamin D. Consider your outside space as an extension to your living space. Make sure you can throw open those doors and feel the warm sun on your skin. Plan your outdoor seating and how that flows with any other areas – perhaps an outdoor kitchen or barbeque area, swimming pool or hot tub? Make the space a wonderful place to be so you can enjoy the outdoors and make the best of the day.

9. Ramp up the Tech
Turn your home into a smart home. Define how you want to live in your home and review what solutions technology can provide. Today you can control almost everything with a smartphone meaning that you have access to everything at your fingertips. Answer the door without getting up, adjust the heating at the push of a button, or put more hot water on before guests arrive. Technology can make our lives much more comfortable and help us to truly enjoy being home.

10. Make your Home so Cosy
Use furniture, rugs, light fixtures, and other accessories to help define your entertaining space. Think mood lighting, extra seating. Does your space invite conversation? Think about how you can include wall art or décor to create talking pieces. Remember scents and sounds create a lovely atmosphere – you cannot go wrong with candles and soft music.
Consider the needs of your guests and if they will be using a guest room, will they be comfortable and do they have the option of taking the stairs or having access to your home lift to make their way to bed at the end of the evening.