When choosing a home lift, safety is paramount, and that is why at Lifton, the range of domestic lifts have been designed with safety as the number one priority. Through the floor lifts from Lifton include a long list of safety features built in as standard to ensure each elevator is as safe and comfortable as it is convenient and attractive.

The base of the lift car is level with the floor, so accessing the lift is as easy as crossing a room, and does not pose any trip hazards. Once the lift has moved to the downstairs position, the ‘safety lid plug’ covers the aperture in the upstairs floor and is strong enough to stand on, ensuring that there is no risk of an accident.

Once in the lift the standard self-closing hinged door locks and acts as a barrier when the lift is in operation. The door locks only release when the lift arrives safely at the floor of the choice, meaning that the person in the elevator is safely contained whilst travelling.

Each Lifton domestic lift is fitted with ‘hold to run’ safety controls, requiring constant pressure to make the lift move, allowing the user to ‘drive’ the lift so they are in control of the lift at all times. There is also an emergency stop button, to shut down the lift, offering more reassurance in case of an emergency.

There are a series of obstruction sensors in each lift designed to stop the home lift car moving if there is something in the way. The top and bottom safety pans which are located above and below the lift, have sensors which can detect if there is an obstruction in the path of the lift. If an object was to obstruct the lift while in transit, it would simply stop until the object was removed.

Similarly, the entrance of the lift has a full height ‘light curtain’ which can sense if it is crossed. If something passes across the entrance of the lift while in motion, again, the lift is halted until the object is removed.

Lifton domestic lifts have a weight limit, and most can carry a capacity of 170kg, which is 27 stone of 375 pounds. Lifton home lifts have the added safety feature of weight limit sensors whereby the lift will not operate if the weight limit is exceeded. Other sensors installed in the lift will detect if the lift is out of balance, and again would prevent the lift from moving if it were. If in the unlikely event the lift travels too fast, another sensor to detect ‘overspeed’ will also halt the lift.

Customers making enquiries often ask about what happens in a power cut. As each home lift is fitted with a battery back-up facility as standard, in the event of a power cut while the lift is in use, the lift just descends to the lower level of the house until the power comes back on.

A Lifton home lift has been designed not to fall, thanks to its clever, patented ‘fall arrest mechanism’ which kicks in if the steel ropes were ever to go slack. And for those times when an owner wanted to disable the lift completely, such as when going on holiday or when grandchildren are visiting, there is a key switch operation which allows the lift to be be isolated completely.