Installing an elegant Lifton Home Lift provides homeowners in the UK with a stylish way of travelling between the floors, other than the stairs. The domestic lift ‘future-proofs’ a property and creates a unique home environment with access all areas, forever. The range of Lifton home lifts have been built to enhance your lifestyle and is flexible and versatile with a design that allows you to place it almost anywhere within your home. Our series includes the LiftonDUO Home Lift and the LiftonTRIO Home Lift.

Here are some of the most popular choices for installing the domestic lift.

1) Main Living Area to Master Bedroom

Simple and far more affordable than extensive building work or moving house, a Lifton Home Lift neatly located in a corner of your main living space, means your home travel experience is close by and ready to go at the touch of a button.

2) Hallway to Landing

Increasing in popularity, the domestic lift combines the elegance of an elevator with the practicality of a stairlift. Keeping your stairways free of machinery, a Lifton Home Lift has one of the most compact footprints on the market, and comfortably transfers two passengers from the hallway to the landing in under 30 seconds.

3) Cupboard to Cupboard

#If you require the practicality of a Lifton Home Lift but want total discretion, your Lifton lift can be built into a cupboard space downstairs and travel up into a similar space upstairs. Lifton domestic lifts can be discreetly placed behind a closed door on both levels.

4) Garage to Ground Floor

Multi-storey living can be even more pleasant with the installation of a Lifton Home Lift to comfortably take you up from your garage to the first floor of your home. Lifton engineers will build a simple shaft around your domestic lift to adhere to health and safety regulations.

5) Void of a Spiral Staircase

Due to its slender design and compact footprint, unlike other available home lifts, a Lifton domestic lifts can even slot into the void of a turning staircase or spiral staircase, making the most of every available space.

6) Ground Floor to First Floor with Sloping Ceiling

Our vertical rails need to fix to a horizontal surface. But do not worry if you have a vaulted ceiling, Lifton building teams specialise in providing a discreet solution which allows the home lift to be easily installed, even where there is a pitched roof.

7) Bespoke Home Lift Solutions

Every home is one-of-a-kind but the modular design of a Lifton Home Lift makes it an incredibly flexible and versatile solution. In fact, we can work with almost any location of your choice. One of our clients had a unique configuration of rooms and it was their personal preference to place their domestic lift on a mezzanine level to travel down to a spacious conservatory. Click on the link to read more Lifton Home Lift customer stories. The end result was fantastic.

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