Customers often tell us that once they experience a Lifton Home Lift they are immediately impressed at how stylish their new lift is and how often their guests remark about how elegant it looks.

Often, they wonder why they waited so long! If you are new to Lifton, here we guide you through just a few of the reasons that a domestic lift is the ideal design choice for stylish living.

Sleek & Slimline design

Many homeowners are truly delighted with their new home lift, which is as sleek and stylish as they could wish for, without affecting décor in the slightest. Since the home lifts themselves are self-supporting on rails and require no load-bearing walls or engine rooms, they can be located almost anywhere in the home that suits the layout of the home and your specific needs.

If you wish to tuck it away as unobtrusively as possible, then by all means. Or if you prefer to have this stylish new feature on show in the stairwell, where anyone can make use of it then you are likely to be equally thrilled. The Lifton Duo Home Lift has a compact footprint yet provides ample space for the user and a companion. The range of domestic lifts all offer the same light, airy feel thanks to a stylish curved clear exterior, half door frontage which customers really appreciate. A full door option is also available.

If you wish to accommodate a wheelchair or up to three people, then the more generously sized Lifton Trio Home Lift is ideal. Whichever option you choose, there is no dead space in your home with a LIfton lift, the existing floor covering is fitted back onto the top of the lift and when the lift is downstairs the upstairs interior space is unaffected but for the two rails, meaning the least impact on the light in the room.

Neutral Colourways

Neutral colours are forgiving, accommodating and simple to style up in different ways. It is for this reason that the lift car of the Lifton Home Lift is made from clear structural polycarbonate, ensuring it is not only robust and hardwearing in a practical sense but also its elegant soft grey exterior and is styled to complement and blend in with both traditional and contemporary interiors.

The Lifton Home lift features attractive, contemporary LED lights at the top and bottom of the car for ease of use after dark, too, which means your home lift is at your beck and call day and night.

Bespoke options

Buying bespoke is on the rise, we are now more discerning and seek out options that can better represent our self-expressions. Lifton is delighted to be able to offer its discerning clients flexibility and personalisation in their choices.

As well as selecting exactly where you would like to site your new lift in your home, you can choose from many different variables such as a half door or full door option, a single door or thru-car configuration and even select the flooring you prefer.

By choosing the options you like most, it creates a lift that suits your lifestyle, adding style and flair to any space, whilst making it more functional.

Minimalist controls

The simplest ideas often communicate the quickest. Minimalism offers enhanced visual appeal, reduces stress and improves functionality. For clarity and greater user focus, Lifton has eliminated unnecessary elements, simplifying the interior control panel of the lift car.

Controls are ‘hold to run’, meaning the lift stops when you release the button, ensuring customers always have maximum control over the lift’s functionality.

However, all customers also have two remote control handsets, which allow you to summon your lift from upstairs or downstairs whenever you need to.

Designed for Home Living

Lifton Home Lifts are just that, stylish, elegant lifts designed with homes in mind. They are neat and compact and whisper quiet, quite unlike lifts you might find in business or clinical establishments.

All of these benefits are achieved without compromising in the slightest on safety, or expert installation. With a Lifton Home Lift as your choice to upgrade or future-proof your home, you can rest assured you will not only have excellence in style and functionality, but you can have peace of mind for many years to come.