For homeowners with reduced mobility, the past few months of being confined to the home due to lockdown is likely to have been extremely challenging. Being able to move from floor to floor inside the home without having to use the stairs, therefore, has never been so important.

Spending much longer amounts of time in the home means the possibility of a fall on the stairs is an increasing risk for older people or those with mobility issues. Some might be in the situation where the upper section of the house is almost out of bounds because the stairs are just too much.

That is why a domestic lift such as the ones we offer at Lifton Home Lifts provide users with a simple and safe way of travelling between floors – all at the touch of a button. A home lift also means the individual can move around the home independently without having to rely on the people they live with to help them.

The whole overriding concept of a Lifton Home Lift is it is designed to make life easier and more comfortable. However, the manufacturers also wanted to build a product that was easy to install, simple to use, and looked good in the home too.

That goal has been achieved as domestic lifts by Lifton can not only make a welcome addition to any home, but it is a product customers can be proud of having installed in their properties.

With a range of two-person home lifts and domestic lifts which are larger enough to accommodate a full-sized wheelchair, the makers have been sure not to forget any customers’ needs and include all the required features needed to make the Lifton Home Lift an outstanding modern and stylish innovation.

Much of the thinking behind the Lifton Home Lift was to ensure it was unobtrusive which is why it takes up very little floor space leaving more space for home furnishings. It also runs on its own stilts which are fixed to the ceiling and floor so no load bearing walls are required.

The lift includes a simple control panel, remote controls and all the safety features expected from such a product, including built-in obstruction sensors. One of the most exicting features about the Lifton Home Lift is it is virtually ‘plug and play’. It just needs to be plugged straight into a standard domestic socket without any other adapters needed.

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