More and more people are choosing to install a Lifton Home Lift as a way to ‘future proof’ their home when they are middle-aged, so they can have the reassurance of knowing they can stay in their house, even if they start to suffer from mobility issues in later life.

People who have chosen a forever-home, want it to be just that. The idea of an unsettling move in the future, leaving the home where they have raised their family, and have made all their best memories is simply not thinkable for many. Upgrading their home with a stylish domestic lift, which can be enjoyed now and will guard against the need to move later on is the ideal solution.

There are so many reasons that home-owners do not want to move in their later years, be it because they love the sense of community with their neighbours, that they want to stay involved in their local area, or even that they don not want to leave their family doctor. Many people really do not wish to downsize, or do not see themselves living in a bungalow. Installing a home lift negates the need for this and also avoids the costs and upheaval of a move. It is also a far more attractive option than having a stairlift fitted on the stairwell.

The joy of an elegant ‘through the floor’ lift from Lifton Home Lifts is that families can benefit from all the features now, making everyday life run smoothly, be that with children, grandchildren or weekend visitors.

The cleverly designed Lifton domestic lifts can be installed anywhere that is convenient for the layout of the house and, because the design is sleek and contemporary they complement any style of decor, meaning that a Lifton lift is the best choice for ‘future proofing’ the home.

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