Home lifts are the lifestyle addition of choice for many homeowners. Adding style and convenience in equal measure, a domestic lift can transform a property, and thanks to the clever design features of Lifton home lifts they are ideal for those in new builds as well as those in historic or listed properties.

Here at Lifton Home Lifts, we explain how a modern home lift is ideal for the newest and oldest of homes alike.


Unlike conventional lifts, Lifton domestic lifts travel between floors on two vertical rails, with the motor neatly housed above the lift car. There is no need for a supporting wall or engine room and the only alterations needed for installation are an aperture in the ceiling and the addition of a standard wall socket. This makes Lifton lifts perfect for older buildings where it can be difficult and costly to make adaptations, and for new builds where the décor is pristine and homeowners might be reluctant to make changes.

Small footprint

The clever design of Lifton home lifts ensures a surprisingly small footprint to even the roomiest of lifts, which can be of real benefit to both new and old homes. New builds are often known for their smaller room sizes, and older properties can have irregularly shaped rooms and interesting nooks. The compact nature of Lifton lifts, especially the DUO, mean they can fit into the smallest of spaces, making use of a previously unused corner, or fitting unobtrusively into a closet.

Design for all styles

With sleek and elegant ultra-modern looks, Lifton home lifts look equally at home in all styles of décor, be that classic, retro, or minimalist modern. With their own stylish lighting system, and transparent panels, elevators from Lifton look smart and discreet at the same time, and can be positioned in pride of place, or quietly in a corner.

Architect options

For those designing and building their own home, architects often welcome the option of including a home lift in the plans, as it creates numerous possibilities to change the flow of the home, by providing another option to travel between floors. Equally, architects designing an extension to an older property may also be grateful for the inclusion of a home lift in the plans to add a modern twist to a traditional building.