Lifton is a luxury home lift brand which prioritises state of the art technology with thoughtful home product design all the way from its usability and aesthetic up to leaving behind a light, environmental footprint.

Customers tell us their Lifton lifts take pride of place in their homes. Here’s why.

  1. Useful and understandable


Great design makes a product immediately useful and understandable, and a Lifton Home Lift achieves this with its smooth, quiet mechanism, easy to operate touch buttons and convenient remote-control operation.

Once installed, a Lifton domestic lift does exactly what it promises, offering an immediate upgrade to your in-home travel experience and a sleek and stylish presentation.

  1. Best-in-Class Innovative

Due to the innovative self-supporting structure and integrated drive system the Lifton Home lift does not require any structural project work. Added to this, its innovative modular design means it can be transported in small pieces and built up into place, once on location.

Slim and space-saving, the Lifton Home Lift is simplicity at its finest with a ‘plug and play’ system using a standard 13amp domestic electricity socket. Even the largest of Lifton models – LiftonTRIO – which is built to carry a standard-sized wheelchair – only requires the same amount of power as you need to run a toaster, making the Lifton Home Lift both very green and economical.

  1. Aesthetic

Unlike clunky commercial or medical lifts, a Lifton Home Lift is a home-product, designed to instantly blend into its surroundings.

Its neutral colourway and elegant curves combined with its soft, LED lighting for evening use, make the Lifton effortlessly stylish and unobtrusive – as well as being great to use throughout the day to the night.

These lifts can also be personalised with bespoke colours. Even the interior of the lift can be upgraded to include a seat, handrail and carpet if required.

  1. Unobtrusive

The self-supporting structure of a Lifton Lift means that the lift has a small and unobtrusive footprint. With a small footprint as small as 1040mm x 760mm, choosing where to position the domestic lift is a pleasure.

The Lifton Home Lift can be fitted in a wardrobe or cupboard, a garage, from an entrance hall to a mezzanine or from a reception room to a master suite – the choice is yours.

  1. Honest

Designing honestly, is key to the success of the Lifton Home Lift. Its minimalist design and less-is-more approach makes the customer product experience comfortable and relaxing.

There is nothing tricky or complicated, just excellent design with our customer at its heart.

  1. Long-lasting thorough to the last detail

Lifton Home Lifts are built to a high-quality specification and are built to last. Installation includes a 12-month parts and labour warranty as standard, which can easily be extended for your peace of mind.

The design team select top of the range parts which are designed to stand the test of time. By making lifts that are ‘built to last’ we are consciously committing to sustainable living – fundamental to achieving a greener future.