Traditionally, people save their fresh starts for the first of January – new resolutions, diets, starting home projects – but it has been shown that a dark, cold month in the middle of the winter stretch is not conducive to successful life changes. For those big decisions it’s been shown that September is where it’s at. And in particular, for people wanting to make changes to their home, there are lots of reasons the ninth month of the year is the optimum moment.

At Lifton Home Lifts, we discuss what makes September the ideal month to look into improving the home.

Good decisions

Well rested after summer holidays, recharged by vitamin D, and sleeping well thanks to cooler weather and lengthening nights, British people tend to be at their peak in September, clear headed and able to make the best decisions. This is vital when thinking objectively about what we want and need from our homes, and what to add or alter within our properties to help achieve a vision.

Fresh thinking

September air often subliminally reminds us of buying pencil cases and memorising new timetables as the new school year starts. Throughout our lives September signals the start of new routines, whether as the child, student or parent, so we are subconsciously programmed to embrace change and new challenges as the fresh autumn air kicks in. Because of this we can often throw fresh ideas at a subject or find ourselves looking at things in a new way. This creativity and fresh thinking is ideal when considering a change to the home you know so well and live in day to day.

A new angle

Those who have been away in the summer, staying in a holiday cottage or hotel, may come home with new inspiration from their travels: what worked well, what features looked spectacular, what unexpected luxury could be brought into the home. A break from the family home can also help focus the mind on forgotten areas which still need work, going unnoticed when we walk past them every day. The start of autumn is a great time to put these ideas into action before they fade to the back of the mind. Many homeowners find adding a home lift to their property for example – either for future-proofing or just generally to improve mobility around the home – is a useful and luxurious addition to the home.

A moment of calm

September is perfectly placed in the year to consider the full range of needs of the home and the family. Summer is fresh in the mind with its need for ventilation, shutters against heat, patio doors and access to the garden. However, the chill in the air reminds us that cooler weather and darker nights are on the way, with thoughts turning to gutters, security lighting, insulation, and mobility measures. Free from large calendar events it offers a good vantage point to assess the complete range of needs for the home across the whole year. September is a moment of calm after the frenzy of summer events, a perfect window for a homeowner to make good rational decisions about the work they would like to do to improve the home – before the headlong rush into the Christmas season.