As Valentine’s Day approaches, love is definitely all around. And for new Lifton customers there may just be more love in the air than usual, as their new purchase brings them freedom and a ‘wow’ factor to their homes. Here are the top five reasons Lifton customers give for loving their new home lift.

1. Sleek and elegant design

Customers just adore how beautifully designed Lifton domestic lifts once they are installed in their home. With so many home mobility devices looking cumbersome and unattractive, these style of lifts could not be more different – with their elegant build and stylish looks. Designed to subtly fit into any style of home, Lifton home lifts are neat and compact, with a small footprint, and can fit discreetly into a small space in the home. However because the lifts are so attractive many customers choose to make the Lifton a centerpiece of their home rather than hide it away, by installing it either in the hall or the main room in the house.

2. I’ve got my home back

Both the Lifton Duo Home Lift and Lifton Trio Home Lift enable customers to travel to areas of their home which previously were out of reach. Where once the rooms on first floor of the home were difficult to access, or the basement was out-of-bounds, as soon as the Lifton is installed, homeowners can fall in love with their homes all over again. Customers report one of the best things about having their new home lift is feeling that their home is theirs to enjoy once again, no longer having to plan for making the difficult journey up the stairs or relying on others to help them. The home should be the place that you feel truly independent and that is what a lift from Lifton provide customers.

3. Upgrade to the home

One look at a Lifton home lift in motion and customers see how the clever technology and expert engineering works together to provide a lift of the best quality. Manufactured to the highest of standards homeowners can rely on a Lifton  domestic lift to add a real sense of excellence to the home. Unlike the addition of a stairlift, which can lower the selling-power of a house, it has been shown that installing a Lifton through floor lift can increase the value of a home. Much like a well-fitted kitchen with the best appliances or a beautifully installed bathroom, the addition of a Lifton adds a stamp of quality to the home.
Added to this is the research that shows estate agents are reporting increasing numbers of people are looking for homes with lifts installed, either for the ‘wow-factor’, for independent living or for future-proofing, where younger people want to ensure their homes are ready for them to grow older into safely.

4. Ease of use

New Lifton customers often report how they love the ease with which their domestic lift has fitted into their life and their home. So simple to use, you can quickly travel between floors at the touch of a button. Because the base of the home lift lies flush with the floor, getting into and out of the lift is as easy as it could be, both for people using wheelchairs or walking aids. As there is no climbing in and out of a separate chair, as there is with a stairlift, Lifton domestic lifts allows the user to carry on with everyday life with no obstacles in the way.

5. Easy to Install

Once a customer has decided to buy a Lifton home lift, everything is taken care of, meaning that the customer only needs to sit back and look forward with anticipation to its arrival. Once the site survey is complete, the preparation of the aperture is simple, and the fitting process can take just one day to install for a standard installation. Not many life-changing, home-improving house alterations can be done as simply and with such little upheaval. Once installed, Lifton customers are left to fall in love with their new purchase and the newly-found freedom that a home lift can bring to their lives.