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The Top Five Home Improvements for 2021

After a year of spending much more time at home, many people are looking to make 2021 the year to spoil themselves and make a few deluxe additions to their properties. Here at Lifton Home Lifts, we look at the top five additions to improve your home and create a...

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Five Ways to Add Light to Your Home

Having all spent more time in our homes than is usual this year, as we head into winter and the prospect of staying indoors remains for longer, here at Lifton Home Lifts, we look at ways to lift your mood by adding more light to your home. As the hours of daylight...

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Retirement: What to consider before leaving work

If you were thinking about retirement, this year could have thrown your plans into disarray, or at least made you wonder when the time will be right. As well as the financial uncertainty at the current time, perhaps you had specific plans following retirement which...

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Get Moving for National Fitness Day 2020

Lifton Home Lifts customers might be interested to learn that Wednesday, September 23 is National Fitness Day in the UK - a relatively new day in the British calendar, designed to celebrate the role that physical activity plays across the nation. The event has been...

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Five Improvements You Can Make To Create A Comfortable Home

With most people spending much more time indoors this year, it has never been more important to feel comfortable at home. The Lifton Home Lifts team look at the top five home improvements to make a property as comfortable as it can be. 1. Create a space for outdoor...

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Ten Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained at Home

In 2020, the world has found itself with much more time on its hands. Whilst some have welcomed the change in pace, after a while it can leave others scratching their heads for activities to fill the days. For those who are shielding for a prolonged period of time it...

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What Makes a Lifton Home Lift so Safe?

When choosing a home lift, safety is paramount, and that is why at Lifton, the range of domestic lifts have been designed with safety as the number one priority. Through the floor lifts from Lifton include a long list of safety features built in as standard to ensure...

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Five Ways to Give your Home a Luxury Feel

Have you ever been to a lovely hotel and longingly wished your home felt a little more luxurious the way your holiday accommodation does? Much as there is ‘no place like home’ most of us have felt this at some point and longed to achieve the same feeling of indulgence...

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Five Reasons Why Our Customers Love Lifton Home Lifts!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, love is definitely all around. And for new Lifton customers there may just be more love in the air than usual, as their new purchase brings them freedom and a 'wow' factor to their homes. Here are the top five reasons Lifton customers...

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Five Ways To Feeling Festive This Christmas!

Christmas is a time for tradition, be that turkey dinners and the Queen’s speech, or your very own unique family traditions, but sometimes we can find ourselves still hunting for that ‘Christmas feeling’ to get us in the festive mood. We can crave the feelings of...

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Things You’re Never Too Old To Do!

As we grow older, our appetite to try new things does not need to decline. On the contrary, older is wiser, and the older we get the better we know ourselves. We have had our younger years to write a mental list of the all our hopes and dreams. Statistically we have...

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