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Five Ways to Have a Healthy Home

According to research we spend almost 70 per cent of time in our homes. In a quest to make sure we are living as healthily as possible, it is worth, therefore looking at how our houses help to keep us healthy – and what more they can do for us. Here at Lifton Home...

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The Five Surprising Benefits of a Home Lift

Homeowners installing a home lift usually do so with one primary reason in mind, be that a new mobility issue, future-proofing the property, or creating a better, more flexible layout in their house. It can be surprising, therefore, when new domestic lift owners find...

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Why Retired Homeowners Choose a Home Lift

Home lifts have become increasingly popular with retiring seniors in the UK. One of the most common reasons the retirement sector is so dynamic, currently, is that many are looking to stay in, and reinvest in, an existing property. With the domestic lift market...

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Why A Lifton Home Lift Is A Sustainable Addition To Your Home

The month of April marks Earth Month: an annual event for driving action on climate and environmental issues around the world. April has been chosen as the wider awareness month as Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22 every year since its inception in 1970. Earth...

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Does My Home Lift Require Planning Permission?

When thinking about upgrading the home, especially adding any meaningful feature, it almost always involves a lot of hard work and money. Making alterations to the home and carrying out building work so often brings a mountain of paperwork, along with extra costs,...

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Keeping Healthy Over 70: How to Stay Fitter Longer

There is a wise quote that says ‘aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength’. To make the most of that great opportunity, those over 70 might wish to make sure their bodies can be as healthy and as strong as their positive outlook. Here at...

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How Older People Can Look After Themselves in 2021

How Older People Can Look After Themselves in 2021 With January being the month for resolutions, and the world buzzing about self-care, the team at Lifton Home Lifts have taken the opportunity to look at small changes older people can make to their lifestyle to...

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The Top Five Home Improvements for 2021

After a year of spending much more time at home, many people are looking to make 2021 the year to spoil themselves and make a few deluxe additions to their properties. Here at Lifton Home Lifts, we look at the top five additions to improve your home and create a...

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Five Ways to Add Light to Your Home

Having all spent more time in our homes than is usual this year, as we head into winter and the prospect of staying indoors remains for longer, here at Lifton Home Lifts, we look at ways to lift your mood by adding more light to your home. As the hours of daylight...

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Retirement: What to consider before leaving work

If you were thinking about retirement, this year could have thrown your plans into disarray, or at least made you wonder when the time will be right. As well as the financial uncertainty at the current time, perhaps you had specific plans following retirement which...

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Get Moving for National Fitness Day 2020

Lifton Home Lifts customers might be interested to learn that Wednesday, September 23 is National Fitness Day in the UK - a relatively new day in the British calendar, designed to celebrate the role that physical activity plays across the nation. The event has been...

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