How the nation chooses to style and equip our homes constantly evolves, ever pushed forward by emerging designers and innovators, and new products on the market. Often, we can make small changes to our décor or design to make sure we make the most of new technology and keep our homes looking ahead of the curve.

At Lifton Home Lifts we have curated this eclectic list of the top current trends of home design and innovation collated from interior designers and new product specialists.

  1. Steam ovens

One of the fastest-growing trends in home appliances is the steam oven.  Steam ovens provide a healthy method of cooking meals that are full of flavour, whilst retaining the nutrients of the ingredients, and unlike traditional ovens they don’t dry food out. This new technology is being ever more popular and will be seen in all high-quality kitchen refits from now on.

  1. Green for go

With a movements of thought towards our homes supporting our health and wellbeing, there is a strong emerging trend of biophilic design in the home –creating a connection to nature, with the idea of reproducing some of the health and mood-boosting qualities of spending time in nature.

With the strongest association to nature, the colour green is seeing a popularity surge in interior design, from muted grey calming  tones, through to pops of bright, energising vivid green.

  1. Slatted wood

Also taking from nature, natural wood is finding a place in people’s homes in the form of textured vertical slats either used against a wall, for zoning a space, or even suspended floor to ceiling as an airy room divider.

  1. Statement lighting

Lighting was once an afterthought in interiors, but now lighting design is an art of its own. Statement lighting isn’t just about a striking pendant, but about the entire scheme, how it can be used to create different moods and effects and the way it can alter a space.

  1. Home lifts

Home lifts are seeing a huge rise in popularity as designers and homeowners realise the convenience of having a lift in the home. With modern domestic lifts being cleverly designed to be as compact and elegant as they are practical, lifts are being installed by young homeowners as a lifestyle addition as much as those future-proofing their homes.

  1. 3D Art

For people who have spent more time at home in the last few years, flat walls might start to feel just a bit too dull. Perhaps as a result, designers are seeing is trend towards 3D art in home design. This art has the benefit of being positioned in different ways in different homes adding in the element of personalisation – also a big trend of the moment.

  1. Wi-Fi Appliances

Wirelessly connected appliances in the home are as popular as ever, and as more appliances contain Wi-Fi as standard, homeowners are able to control more of their home from their smartphone or voice activated hub than ever before, be it the lighting, the temperature of the oven, or the timing of running the bath.

  1. Traditional details

In times of huge change or upheaval people often look for comfort from the past, and this is the reason designers are giving for the current rising trend in traditional design features having a strong influence on interiors. From including antique pieces, mixing patterns, and wooden panelling the new trend is all about looking back to our design roots.

  1. Water filters

Again, with a focus on health and well-being, there is a rise in homeowners installing water filter taps in their homes. Often these are in the kitchen, but in larger homes, these may also be stationed in the hall, bathroom or boot room allowing for rehydration wherever you may be in the home.

  1. Sustainability

A major movement – not only in home design – sustainability is a driving principal underlying design choices for all designers and many homeowners. From appliances that use a minimal amount of power, to products that use recycled materials, sustainability is a vital and thankfully growing trend.