When thinking about upgrading the home, especially adding any meaningful feature, it almost always involves a lot of hard work and money.

Making alterations to the home and carrying out building work so often brings a mountain of paperwork, along with extra costs, applications and, when plans do not get the required approvals, costly and frustrating redesign work.

The good news is that although adding a domestic lift to your home can completely upgrade your space and alter the way you use your house, it can be achieved free of any extra paperwork and additional costs. You may also be eligible for VAT exemption or a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG).

Avoid the planning department

When you choose to add a Lifton Home Lift to your property you will not need to bother your local planning department. It means you are free to install your lift wherever suits your home best. You will also not have to wait for permission to go ahead with your plans or take into account a third-party point of view. Once you have got your heart set on your new lift, you are able to arrange installation at a time that suits you.

Make the maximum impact with minimal fuss

For many people, the drivers for adding a costly extension to their home are to create more space, help the home work better and add wow factor. Interestingly, for many, adding a home lift does just the same. Often domestic lifts give easier access to otherwise hard to reach areas of the home and are extremely safe – and generally helps a home to flow better. And having a home lift is often a show-stopper, which is why they can increase the property’s value.

However, the difference between the processes for having an extension, and simply installing a lift could not be more different. With no planning permission applications to be made your domestic lift home upgrade can be as straightforward as it is life-changing.