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Accessible Days Out in Britain

Getting out and about is important for everyone, and evidence shows that enjoying the great outdoors and getting fresh air and sunshine is good for body and mind. The summer months especially provide a perfect opportunity to get out and see our country at its best. If...

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First Aid Around the Home for Older People

You never know where or when someone might injure themselves, but it is reported that most accidents happen in the home. As we age, and mobility can become more difficult, accidents can happen more, and sometimes can result in more serious injury. Prevention is better...

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Make the Most of Your Home with a Declutter

When you move into your dream home, you imagine all the great times you will spend there, and you think about décor and how to make the most of the space. You do not picture all the possessions you will accumulate over the years and how they might limit the home you...

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Take Care of Yourself for Better Brain Health

The Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH) has released a new report showing that mental well-being has a key relationship with better brain health in older adults. The findings show that by feeling positive, having a sense of purpose and having a calm outlook can...

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Top Tips to Future Proof Your Home for Older People

When you move into the house of your dreams, you picture living there forever, raising your family there, creating wonderful memories of Christmases and summers, living there in your retirement, welcoming your grandchildren. You do not think about what happens when...

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What to do with your Private Pension Pot?

The Government made radical changes to tax rules around private pensions in order to give people greater access to their pension savings in 2015. Headlined as giving people ‘freedom and choice in pensions’ it seems like nothing but good news for people approaching...

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Is VAT applicable on a Lifton Home Lift?

If you are considering investing in a home lift but are concerned about whether it is an affordable solution for you, it is always worth checking to see if you qualify for VAT exemption. In the UK, VAT is chargeable on all Lifton domestic lifts but if you qualify...

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Why Rightsizing is More Important than Downsizing

Most people at retirement age do not want to downsize or move into a care home, but there is very little suitable housing for them says a report out this week from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA). Unsurprisingly, the aspirations of older residents...

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